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S.N Discription Value
1 Outer side length of Square Pipe:
2 Thickness of Square Pipe:
3 Length of Square Pipe:
4 Quantity of Square Pipe: Nos.
5 Cost of Square Pipe per Kg: Rs.
5 Density of Steel: Kg/m3


How to use Square Pipe Weight Calculator?

Square Pipe Weight Calculator helps you to calculate the weight as well as the cost of the square pipe. Here are the steps to use this calculator.

Step1:- First of all input all the required dimension of the square pipe in input box like,

Outer side length of Square Pipe:
Thickness of Square Pipe:
Length of Square Pipe:
Quantity of Square Pipe:
Cost of Square Pipe per Kg:
Density of Steel:

Step2:- Then provide the density of square pipe. If you don’t know then put 7850 kg/m3 as standerd density of steel.

Step3:- Click calculate to get result. You will get,

Weight of Single Square Pipe:
Weight of Total Square Pipe:

Cost of Single Square Pipe:
Cost of Total Steel Plate:

How to calculate Square Pipe Weight?

Weight of square pipe depends on different factors like, length, width and thickness of pipe. You can use Square Pipe Weight Calculator above or Let us we have a square pipe of following dimension given below.

Square Pipe Weight Calculator

Length (L) = 7 meter

Thickness (t) = 6 mm = 6/1000 = 0.006 meter

Outer length (Ot) = 2 inch = 2/39.37 = 0.0508 meter

Quantity of Pipe (Q)= 5 Nos.

Cost per kg square pipe = Rs. 150/Kg

Weight (W) =?

Cost (C) = ?


Lets us calculate the weight and cost of square pipe step by step according to given data,

Step1:- Calculate outer Area of square pipe

AOuter = (Ot) x (Ot) = 0.0508 x 0.0508 = 0.00258064 m2

Step2:- Calculate inner Area of square pipe

AInner = (Ot-2*t) x (Ot-2*t) = (0.0508-0.006*2) x (0.0508-0.006*2) = 0.00150544 m2

Step3:- Calculate Remaining Cross sectional area of Pipe

Area (A) = AOuter AInner = 0.00258064 – 0.00150544 = 0.0010752 m2

Step4:- Calculate Volume of square pipe

Volume = Area x Length = A x L = 0.0010752 x 7 = 0.0075264 m3

Step5:- Calculate Total weight of Pipe

Weight = Volume x Density x Length x Quantity = 0.0075264 x 7850 x 7 x 5 = 2067.87 Kg.

{Note*:- Density of steel = 7850 Kg/m3}

Hence, in this way we can calculate the weight of square steel pipe. If you want to calculate cost of pipe then simply multiply with the cost per kg of the pipe.

Let, we have cost per kg of pipe be 150 Rs/Kg.

Then the total cost of pipe will be = 2067.87 * 150 = 310180.5 Rs.

Use of Square Pipe

Square Pipe Weight Calculator

Square pipe is used in following areas,

  1. For construction of steel structure like column, beam and slab for residential or commercial building.
  2. To make frame of the vehicles.
  3. Square pipe is used to construct furniture items like tables, chairs, and shelves.
  4. It is used to make board for advertising and signals on road.

Why it is necessary to calculate Square Pipe Weight?

It is necessary to calculate the weight of square pipe to know the actual budget of the strutures, equipment and goods prepared from those pipes.

If we consider the analysis of the building, then it may be very necessary to know the weight of square pipe to get actual load by it on the structure. Without weight calculation we can not design economical structural members like column, beam etc.

Futher, weight is important to make any equipment weather it will be portable or not by the person for working. To calculate weight, you can use Square Pipe Weight Calculator above.

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