Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Whatever I am shearing here will be very helpful to know my privacy and policy. If you are using my web site then you have to obey my Privacy Policy. Otherwise, I have the right to block you from my site.

What do I Share On My website

1) Information and Notes of Civil Engineering and Construction work.

2) Information about Road, Bridge, Highway and procedure for efficient working on site.

3) Tutorial about Autocad.

4)Video in the Nepali language as well as the English Language.

5)Somewhat motivational video for study.

6)Some famous News which may be useful to know about.

What Can I do for You

1) Whatever I post in my website please comment me about this so that I can improve more and share a new idea with you.

2) If you are getting some wrong in my site then please tell me on CONTACT US menu. I will try fully to remove and cure it.

3)If you have new information then you can send me through ASK QUESTION menu I will post to spread your information.

How to use CivilDay website

1) Don’t Comment your bad and abusing comment.

2)You are only allowed to comment on the related post.

3)If you have any complaint about my site then please message on CONTACT US menu.

Third Party Link

You are not allowed to post any other website link on a comment without my can post but the related link to the post otherwise your comment will not be published.


Cookies is a very small file who use the browser it sends to the hard drive of our computer. I can use cookies for my website future.

Change Privacy Policy

I can change my Privacy and Police at any time. I will notify you of the post when I change.

Term And Condition

So, I hope you all obey my all Privacy Policy.

All Rights Reserved

I have full right to delete, spam or block your comment so I hope you will not break my Privacy Policy. 

Please Subscribe my Channel for New Updates.

Thank you.

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