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a) House Planb) Civil Subject’s Notes
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1 ) Unit Converter

a) Length Converterb) Land Area Converter – Nepal

2) Building Estimator

a) For Indiab) For Nepal
(Type -A)
c) For Nepal (Type-B)d) Land Price Calculator

3) Steel Weight Calculator

a) Rebar weight Calculatorb) Round Steel Pipe weight Calc.
c) Concrete weight Calculatord) Rebar % Calculator 
e) Steel plate weight calculatorf) Square Pipe Weight Calculator
g) Chequered plate weight calculatorh) I Beam Weight Calculator

4) Land area Calculator

a) 4 Sided irregular Landb) 3 Sided Triangular Land
c) Rectangular Landd) Area of Land From (Blue Print)
e) Length of land From (Blue Print) 

5) Soil Mechanics

a) Soil Cutting / Filling 

6) Transportation

a) Road Eartwork Calculator(Comming soon..) 

7) Estimator

a) Concrete Volume Calculator
b) Concrete Weight Calculator
c) Trapezoidal Footingd) Brickswork Estimator
e) Plaster estimatorf) Tile Square Footage Calculator
g) Concrete Slabh) Tile Calculator for Room
i) Stairs Estimatorj) छत ढलान
k) RCC Slabl) Wood Calculator
m) Painting Cost – Interiorn) पेन्टिगं – Exterior
o) Compound Wallp) पेन्टिगं – Interior
q) Concrete Column Calculatorr) Concrete Slab Weight Calculator
s) Block Weight Calculator 

8) Design

a) Septic Tank Designb) Two way Slab Design
c) Rebar Design by Aread) Rebar Design by %
e) Shear Reinforcement Designf) Dog legged Staircase Design
g) Concrete Mix Design from Gradeh) Development Length Calculator
i) Concrete Mix Design from Cementj) Straight Stair Designer

9) Bar Bending Schedule

a) BBS of Columnb) BBS of Beam
c) BBS of Crank Beamd) BBS of Footing

10) Cutting Length Calculator

a) Rectangular / Square Stirrupsb) Circular Stirrups
c) Diamond Stirrupsd) Triangular Stirrups
e) Hellical Stirrups 

11) Rate Analysis

a) PCC Worksb) Brick Work

12) BOQ Maker (Bill of Quantity)

Go to Formate 

13) Aggregate – Test

a) Fineness Modulus Calculatorb) Impact Value Test Calculator
c) Los Angeles abrasion value test Calculator 

14) Water Tank

a) Rectangle/Square Tankb) Round Tank

15) Interest calculator

a) Simple Interest (Comming..) b) Compound Interest

16) Munciple Drawing Criteria Checker

a) FAR Calculatorb) Coverage Area % Calculator