Block Weight Calculator

Concrete Block Weight Calculator

Concrete Block Weight Calculator

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How to use this Calculator?

Block weight calculator helps you to calculate the total weight of the concrte block of different density. Concrete block is the blocks used for construction of different structure like, retaining wall, compound wall etc.

Block Weight Calculator

It is prepared by mixing the cement, sand and aggregare with water. Here, I am showing you step by step process of calculating the weight of concrete block.

Step:-1 : Input length, witdh and height of the given concrete block.

Step:-2 : Select the density of the block.

Step:-3 : Click Calculate Button to get the answer in kg. You can convert it into different unit like pound by the help of unit converter or simply multiply the weight in kg by 2.205 to get value in pound.

Numerical to calculate weight of concrete block in Kg and pound

To calculate the weight of a concrete block of given size, we need to determine its volume and then we use the known value density to find its weight.

Steps to calculate Weight of concrete block:

Step1:- Convert dimensions to meters:

Length: 24 cm = 0.24 m

Width: 12 cm = 0.12 m

Height: 0.70 cm = 0.007 m

Density = 2400 kg/meter cube


Step2:- Calculate the volume of block:

Volume = Length × Width × Height
Volume = 0.24  m × 0.12 m × 0.007 m
Volume = 0.0002016 meter cube

Step3:- Calculate the weight in kilograms:

Weight (kg) = Volume × Density
The density of concrete is given as 2400 kg/meter cube
Total weight = 0.0002016 x 2400 = 0.4838 Kg.

Converting the weight to pounds:
Weight (lb) = Weight (kg) × 2.20462 = 1.067 pounds

Hence, In this way we can calculate the weight of concrete weihgt easily.
1.067 pounds
. Keep remember the density of concrete may varies according to the materials used in concrete.

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