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How to Use This Tool?

This calculator helps you to calculate the total weight of rebar required in a structure. You can calculate the weight of three different shapes and sizes of rebar for any structural member like beam, column, and slab.

Here, you can see the video for better understanding.

Steps to calculate weight of rebar

  1. Input all the details of steel rods like length, diameter, and numbers in a given unit.
  2. If you have only one type of steel rod i.e same diameter and same length then, put the length equal to zero in rod B.
  3. Click on calculate to get the weight of different rods separately or in combination.
  4. Read this article for formula and calculation to calculate the weight of steel rods.

How to Calculate weight of rebar?

Q) Calculate the total weight of rebar having 4 numbers of 16 mm rebar, 4 numbers of 12 mm rebar, and stirrups having 42 inches including hook with spacing 5 inches center to center. The length of longitudinal rebar including development length from footing to first floor is 24 feet.


Given, Length of longitudinal rebar = 24 feet = 7.3 meter

Length of stirrups = 42 inches = 1.06 meter

Diameter of rebar 16 mm and 12 mm.

Quantity of 12 mm and 16 mm rebar = 4 Nos.


Quantity of Stirrups = (Total length of column/5 inches)

Qs = 24/(5/12) = 57.6 Nos. Let say 58 Nos. of stirrups.

[Here, I have converted 5 inches to feet, because 1 foot makes 12 inches]

Now, We have formula to calculate the weight of rebar having length in meter and diameter in mm as given below,

Weight of rebar = Length * (Diameter*Diameter)/162.25

Remember, diameter of rebar must be in millimeter and length must be in meter to use the above formula.

Step 1:- Calculate weight of 12 mm rebar.

Using above formula,

Weight of 12 mm rebar = Length * (Diameter*Diameter)/162.25

= {7.3 * (12*12)/162.25} * 4 = 25.91 Kg.

[Here I have multiplied whole formula by 4, because there are 4 numbers of longitudinal rebars]

Step 2:- Calculate weight of 16 mm rebar.


Weight of 16 mm rebar = Length * (Diameter*Diameter)/162.25

= {7.3 * (16*16)/162.25} * 4 = 46 Kg.

Step 3:- Calculate weight of 8 mm stirrups.


Weight of 8 mm stirrups = Length * (Diameter*Diameter)/162.25

= {1.06 * (8*8)/162.25} * 58 = 24.25 Kg.

Step 4:- Sum up all weigh of rebar.

Total Weight of rebar = Step1 + Step2 + Step3

= (25.91 + 46 + 24.25) Kg

= 96.15 Kg.

Hence, In this way, we can calculate the weight of rebar for three different types, shapes, and sizes. You can use the calculator above to calculate the total weight of rebar within the second.

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