Concrete Slab Weight Calculator

Concrete Slab Weight Calculator

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Input Dimension of Slab

How to use Concrete Slab Weight Calculator?

It is very easy to use Concrete Slab Weight Calculator. Follow the steps.

Step1:- Input all dimension of slab like length, width and height.

Step2:- Input the quantity of concrete slab.

Step3:- Input the density of concrete slab.

Step4:- Click on calculate button to get the total volume and total Concrete Slab Weight.

What is Concrete Slab Weight Calculator?

Concrete slab weight calculator is a tool which helps you to calculate the total volume and weight of concrete slab by the help of input data like length, width, thickness and density of slab.

This calculator can be used to get weight of concrete for structural analysis and deside the weight of the beam and column.

To to calculate Concrete Slab Weight ?

Let us we have a question,

Concrete Slab Weight Calculator

Calculate the volume and weight of 3 number of slab having length = 4 meter, width =5 meter, thickness = 5 inch and density = 2400 kg/m³


Length = 4 meters
Width = 5 meters
Thickness = 5 inches (convert to meters)
Density = Standard value for concrete (approximately 2400 kg/m³)
Number of slabs = 3

First, let’s convert the thickness from inches to meters: 1 inch = 0.0254 meters

So, 5 inches = 5/39.37 = 0.127 meters

Now, Calculating the volume and weight for one slab, and then for all three slabs.

Calculation for One Slab:

Volume: = 4m × 5m × 0.127 m = 2.54 m³

Weight: = 2.54 m3 × 2400 kg/m³ = 6096 kg

Calculation for Three Slabs:

Total Volume: Total Volume = 2.54 m³ × 3 = 7.62 m³

Total Weight: Total Weight = 6096 kg × 3 = 18288 kg

Hence in this way we can calculate the total volume and weight of concrete slab.

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