Rate analysis for Concrete- Step by Step calculation with table

What is Rate analysis?

Rate analysis is the calculation of all costs of materials used for the construction of the concrete structure in the field of civil engineering.

Rate analysis is done before construction of the structure like a building, bridge, culvert, or road to get the approximate cost of full construction.

If we want to do the rate analysis for concrete then, we have to calculate the cost of all ingredients like cement, sand, aggregate, and steel used in the concrete. Besides this, we should also calculate the mason cost, mazdoor cost, labor cost, etc.

Purpose of rate analysis

The Purpose of rate analysis is to know the Unit cost of doing particular work or Project.
It is important to plan or to allocate the budget for the project. Hence rate analysis helps us to know the project cost and Budget to plan.

Data required to Rate analysis for Concrete

  • Materials like cement, sand, and aggregate
  • Steel
  • Workmanship like mason, labour
  • Shuttering charge
  • Water charge

Now let us take an example of question for Rate analysis for Concrete

Q) Calculate the rate analysis of 10 meter cube of concrete. The concrete mix is M15.


Step -1 Write all the known values of the materials

Here we should know that,

Total Concrete = 10 m3

M15 means the ratio of ingredient in concrete shoud be (Cement:Sand:Aggregate) = (1:2:4)

Density of cement = 1440 kg/m3

Density of steel reinforcement = 7850 kg/m3

Step -2 Calculate dry volume of concrete

For 10 Cubic meter concrete mix,

Total Dry volume = 10 + 52 % 0f 10 { We can take from 50% to 55% of additional volume of concrete to get dry volume}

= 15.2 cubic meter

Given, the mix ratio is 1:2:4

Let the quantity of cement be = x cubic meter

quantity of cement = 2x cubic meter

quantity of cement = 4x cubic meter

Step -3 Calculate volume of all materials


x + 2x + 4x = 15.2 cubic meter

7x = 15.2 cubic meter

x = 2.17  cubic meter

x = 2.2 15.2 cubic meter Approx.

Therefore Volume of cement = x = 2.2 cubic meter

Volume of Sand = 2x = 2 x 2.2 = 4.4 meter cube

Volume of Aggregate = 3x = 3 x 2.2 = 6.6 meter cube

Step -4 Convert volume of cement into numbers of bags

Now let us change the volume of cement into numbers of bags.

First of all change the volume of cement into weight i.e Kg.

So, weight = Volume x Density = 2.2 x 1440 = 3168 kg

Divide the total weight by 50 to get numbers of bags of cement.

So, numbers of bags of cement = 3168/50 = 63.64 bags = 64 bags Approx.

Step- 5 Calculate weight of steel rod

Now let us assume the 1% of steel has used in the concrete.

Then, 1 % of concrete volume becomes 0.1 meter cube of steel.


Weight of steel rod = volume x density = 0.1 x 7850 = 785 kg.

At last you can add water charges which is about 1.5% of total cost of the concrete.

and 10% contractors charges. If you are calculating for tenders.

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Table of Rate analysis for Concrete

Rate analysis for Concrete- Step by Step calculation with table
Materails  Rs.
Binding wires
8.8 m3
4.4 m3
64 Bags
7.85 Quintal
1.5 Kg
2500 per m3
2400 per m3
350 per Bags
4400 per Q
65 per Kg
  Sub Total :-89597.5
½ no.
3 no.
12 no.
500 per day
400 per day
300 per day
  Sub Total:-5050
Binding, Cutting and Bending   
8 no.
8 no.
300 per day
250 per day
  Sub Total:-4400
Shuttering Timber and Planks  Lumsum1000 Rs.1000
Carpenters10 no.280 no.2800
  Total Amount:-Rs. 103,147.5

Rate analysis for Concrete Calculator

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