How to calculate cement required for brickwork? Brick work calculation

If we are site workers or engineers then we must have known about to calculate the number of materials required in the construction. So, that we can schedule and do work efficiently. Here we will see how to calculate cement required for brickwork and also we will calculate the quantity of sand required to prepare mortar taking example of the wall.

Let us start from some basic stuff.

What is brickwork?

In the ancient period,  people constructed buildings with the help of stones and lime mortar but shifting the huge stones was a very tedious process as the sledges were pulled by a team of laborers and the tracks were kept waxed in order to reduce friction.

How to calculate cement required for brickwork? Calculation Example

Slowly people started to use the lightweight bricks and cement mortar for the construction of buildings. For the purpose of constructing different types of bonds are followed.

Brick masonry is built with bricks bonded together with mortar for permanent buildings. Lime or cement mortars are used but for temporary sheds, mud mortar may be used.

 In the general dimension of the modular brick is 190 millimeters by 90 millimeters by 90 millimeters.

Materials required for brickwork


It is the structural unit of masonry construction. They should have high compressive strength to be masonry work of high strength.


Sand is the materials used for preparing mortar. It is combined with cement to make slurry mortar to make the bond between bricks.


Cement is a binding material used for making mortar by combining with sand and water. It is the main component of masonry work.


Thread for horizontal alignment

Plumb bob for vertical alignment

Plumb bob

Tray for uniform thickness of mortar

Process of making cement mortar

Mortar is mixture of cement, sand, and water. They are mixed in the fixed proportion to get the desired bond between masonry brickwork.

The preparation of cement mortar 1:3 means one bag of cement for three bags of sand and add water to the cement whose ratio is 40% to 70% percent of the weight of the cement.

Procedure for brickwork

How to calculate cement required for brickwork? Calculation Example

For one brick thickness wall construction start the construction by first laying the head of face tape two bricks each at one end by placing the cement mortar below it temporarily fixed.

Mason made and tie a thread at the top corners as shown on the screen place the cement mortar by using the vertical guide to finish the header row and place the cement mortar above it with the horizontal guide to continue the same process for the stretcher row.

The various types of bonds generally used in brick masonry are stretch a bond had a bond English bond and Flemish bond.

In stretch, a bond masonry all the bricks are arranged in stretcher courses in the header bond brick masonry all the bricks are arranged in the header courses

An English bond course consists of headers and stretchers in the Flemish bond each course comprises an alternate header and stretcher.

In the stretcher bond masonry, all the bricks are arranged in stretcher courses however care should be taken to break the vertical joints originally it was used for half brick thickness walls in the header bond brick masonry all the bricks are arranged in the header courses.

Brick work calculation

Q) Suppose we are asked to determine the number of bricks, cement required for brickwork, and sand from the given bricks wall if the brick size is 9 x 4.5 x 3 inches and mortar is 25% of the wall?

Wall dimension is L = 30 feet, B= 9 inches (Thickness), Height = 15 feet

How to calculate cement required for brickwork? Calculation Example


Total brick work = Length x height x Thickness of wall

Total brick work = 30 x 15 x 0.75

Total brick work = 337.5 Cubic feet

Deduction for mortar

Volume of mortar = 25 % of Brick work of wall

Net brick work = Total brick work – volume of mortar

Net brick work = 337.5 – 84.375

Net brick work = 253.125 Cubic feet

Let me include 10% bricks wastage.

Net Number of bricks = 3600 + 360 = 3960 bricks.

Now Cement and Sand = ?

Sand = 26.789 x 3 = 80.367 Cubic feet

Hence Finally,

Number of bricks required for brickwork = 3960 No’s

Cement required for brickwork = 21.5 Bags

Sand required for brickwork = 80.367 Cubic feet

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Cement required for brickwork Calculator

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