Top 10 Qualities of good brick- Constituents of Bricks

Brick is a basic structural unit of construction. It is always preferred to have a safe structure. So, it is very necessary to know about the Qualities of good brick.

It is popular worldwide as the material of construction because of its local and cheap availability, strength, reliability, durability, and insulating property against heat and sound.

Qualities of good brick- Constituents of Bricks

Top 10 Qualities of good brick

  1. The shape of bricks should be uniform with regular surface and rectangular units.
  2. Its appearance should red in color.
  3. It should be burnt properly to give a metallic ringing sound.
  4. The maximum water observing capacity should not exceed 20% by its weight after emerging it till 24 hours.
  5. The compressive strength of bricks should be more than 35kg/cm^2.
  6. Good quality bricks should not be scratched easily. (by a fingernail)
  7. It should be compacted enough to bear the sudden load and free from cracks, impurities like stone nodules air bubbles e.t.c.
  8. The structure of good bricks should have a sharp edge.
  9. Good quality of bricks should have good thermal as well as sound resistance.
  10. The volume of bricks should not increase while emerging in water for a while.

Constituents of Bricks

Silica or Sand (50%-60%)

The right amount of silica prevents bricks from shrinkage, cracking, and warping.

It should be mixed in the right proportion in bricks while molding because an excess amount of silica destroys the cohesion between the particle and makes the brick brittle and weak.

Alumina or Clay (20%-30%)

It makes brick earth plastic so that it can be molded and after drying imparts hardness. The excess of Alumina makes bricks shrink, crack in process of drying and burning.


The presence of Lime in bricks acts as fluxes which help grain of sand to melt and bind the particle of clay together.


The presence of magnesia in bricks makes it yellow which is in clay with the oxide form of iron, but an excess amount of magnesia may cause bricks to decay.

Iron oxide(4%-6%):- 

Iron oxide acts as a flux, It imparts a red color to the burnt bricks and makes appearance good.

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