Window parts names | Anatomy of Windows

Welcome to civil concept, In this video I will discuss about the different Window parts names i.e. anatomy of window. Window is a part of opening of wall of a room. It allows circulating air and passing light in the room.

Windows are the combination of different fixed and movable components like Head, Jambs, Rail, Sashes, Muntin, Cashing, stiles and sills. So, you can see the image below for different components or Window parts names. Now, Let us see the introduction and their function in detail.

Window parts names | Anatomy of Windows

Window Parts names

  • Head
  • Jambs
  • Rail
  • Sashes
  • Muntin
  • Cashing
  • Stiles
  • Sills

1) Head:-  The top horizontal part of a window is called head. It provides structural support by providing upper boundary of the window frame.

2) Jambs:-  The vertical components of a window frame is called jambs. It Support the window and provide a surface for attaching the window sash.

3) Rail: – Rail is the horizontal components within the window frame. It is placed at the top, bottom and mid of the window panel. The middle rail is also called as locked rail where we used to put our lock.

It provides horizontal support and stability to the window structure. The the main function of middle rail is to supports the locking mechanism.

4) Sashes:- The upper and lower sections of the window is called sashes, In doors, these components are called panels.

The sashes is the movable part of the window, which includes the upper sash and the lower sash. It holds the window glass and allows the window to open and close for ventilation and light.

5) Muntin:- The vertical part at the center of the window which separates the sashes, is called the muntin. It’s main function is to separates and supports individual panes of glass within the sash.

6) Casing:- The vertical component of the outer frame of the window is known as the casing. It  Provides a finished look to the window and helps to secure the window frame from the surrounding structure.

7) Stiles:- The vertical components of the sash or frame, other than the muntin, are called stiles. Stiles Provide vertical support and stability to the window structure and hold the glass panes in fixed place.

8) Sill:- The bottom horizontal part of the window frame is called the sill. Sill Supports the bottom of the window sash and helps to direct water away from the window.

So, theses are the window parts names. Now let us see some best size of windows used in the buildings.

Best Size of Windows

The size of window depends on the size of room and choice of people. Different person have different choice to keep the size of window. Here I have listed different size of window generally adopted for a residential house.

a) Small Window size (Width x Height) –

(3 feet x 4 feet), (3.5 feet x 4 feet), (4 feet x 4 feet)

b) Medium Window size (Width x Height) –

(4 feet x 4.5 feet), (4.5 feet x 4.5 feet), (5 feet x 4.5 feet)

c) Large Window size (Width x Height) –

(5 feet x 5 feet), (5.5 feet x 5 feet), (6 feet x 5 feet), (6.5 feet x 5 feet), (7 feet x 5 feet)

Small size of windows are generally used in kitchen, Worship Room etc. Medium sized windows are used in Bedroom, Guest Room etc. Larged sized windows are used for Living room, Stair and Bedroom as well.

Keep in mind for better air circulation in house, proper ventilation should be provided above the all rooms. You can put the size of ventilation as (1 feet x 1 feet) or (2 feet x 1 feet).

So, I hope this articles on “Window parts names” remains helpful for you.

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