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There are different type of windows used for different purposes in a building. The window is comprised of two types window frame and sashes or shutter frame. Window frames are fixed to an opening in the wall, by means of a suitable holdfast. Sashes or shutter frames are fixed to the window frame by means of suitable hinges.

A window frame has sill at the bottom, unlike doors. A function of a window is to admit light and air to the room and to give a view to the outside. It should also provide insulation against heat loss and, in some cases, against sound.

The different type of windows are given below:-

  1. Fixed window
  2. Pivoted window
  3. Double-hung window
  4. Sliding window
  5. Casement window
  6. The sash or glazed window
  7. Louvered window
  8. Metal window
  9. Bay window
  10. Clare-storey window
  11. Corner window
  12. Dormer windows
  13. Gable window
  14. Lantern window
  15. Skylight window

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Now, let’s describe Type of windows in detail,

Type of windows
Type of windows

1) Fixed window:- These windows are provided for the sole purpose of admitting light and/ or providing vision in the room. A window consists of a window frame to which shutters are fixed. No rebates are provided to the frame. Shutters are used to glazed.

2) Pivoted window:- On this window, a shutter is allowed to swing around pivots fixed to the window frame. A window frame has no rebates. A frame of a window shutter is similar to that of an encasement window. A shutter can swing or rotate either horizontally, or vertically.

3) Double-hung window:- In this type of windows consists of a frame and a pair of shutters, arranged one above the other, which can slide vertically within the grooved provided in the window frame. By the provision of such sliding, a window can be cleaned effectively and at the same time, ventilation can be controlled effectively window can be opened at the top and bottom to any desired extent.

4) Sliding window:- In this window are similar to the sliding door. Shutters move either horizontally or vertically on small rollers bearings. Suitable opening or grooves are left in the frame or wall to accommodate the shutter when they are slid to open the window. such a window is provided in trains, buses, and bank counters.

5) Casement window:- In these are the main or common types of windows usually provides in buildings. A shutter of a window opens like the shutter of a door. A window has a frame which is rebated to receive the shutters. A shutter consists of style, to rails, bottom rails, and intermediate rails, hence dividing it into panels.

Panels may either be glazed, or unglazed, or partly glazed and partly unglazed. In the case of the window with a double shutter, the outer shutter may have wire gauged panels for fly proofing.

6) The sash or glazed window:- The sash window is a type of Casement window in which the panels are fully glazed. A frame of each shutter consists of two vertical styles, top rail, and a bottom rail. Space between the top and bottom rail is divided into small panels by means of small timber placed horizontally and vertically.

Type of windows
Type of windows

7) Louvered window:- In these are similar to Louvered doors. Such a window is provided for the sole aim of ventilation, and they do not permit any outside vision. A shutter consist of a top and bottom rails, and two styles that are grooved to receive the louvers. 

Louvers are generally fixed. An economical angle of inclination of the louvers is 45°. Louvers slope downward to the outside to run off the rainwater.

8) Metal window:- Metal windows, made of mild steel is becoming increasingly popular in a private as well as a public building, because of their strength and less cost. However, a window made of the other Metals, such as aluminum, bronze, stainless steel, etc is also used for those buildings where a high degree of elegance finishing, etc. Is required.

 Aluminum windows are rustproof, durable and require no maintenance paintings; they are therefore increasingly becoming popular for domestic buildings. 

9) Bay window:- Bay windows project outside the external wall of the room. This projection may be triangular, circular, rectangular or polygonal in a plan. This type of windows is provided to get an increased area of opening for admitting greater light and air. They also provide extra space in the room and improve the overall appearance of the building.

10) Clare-storey window:- In this windows are provided in a room which has greater ceiling height than the surrounding room, or when a lean-to roof of low height is there adjacent to the room. It is generally provided near the top of the main roof, and they open above the lean-to roof or roof slab of the adjoining room.

A window shutter is made to swing on two horizontal shutters provided on side styles. This can be opened or closed by means of two cords, one attached to the top rail and other to the bottom rail of the shutter. 

A shutter swing in such a way that the upper part opens inside the room and the lower part opens outside, to exclude rainwater. Such a window increases the appearance of the buil

11) Corner window:- This is a special type of window which is provided in the corner of a room. This window has two faces in two perpendicular directions. Due to this, light and air are admitted from two directions. Such a window is very much improved the elevation of the building.

12) Dormer windows:- The Dormer window is a vertical window provided in a sloping roof. Such a window provided ventilation and lighting to the enclosed space below the roof, very much improve the appearance of the building.

Type of windows
Type of windows

13) Gable window:- This is a vertical window provided in the Gable end of a pitched roof.

14) Lantern window:- Such windows are provided over the flat roofs, to provide more light and air to the inner apartments/ rooms of a building. They admit light either through vertical faces or inclined faces. A roof slab has an appropriate opening below the window.

15) Skylight window:- This type of windows i.e skylight window are provided on a sloping roof, to admit light. The window projects above the top sloping surface. They run parallel to the sloping surface. A common rafter is suitably trimmed and the skylight is erected in a curb frame. An opening made is properly treated by lead flashing to make the roof, surrounding the opening, waterproof.

So, friends, I hope this article on ” type of window” remains helpfull for you.

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