Different types of stairs in civil engineering| types of stair in construction

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The sequence of steps provided to access from one floor to another floor is known as stairs. And the room or space of the building in which the stair is constructed or located is known as the staircase.

According to staircase and types of building the design of stairs are prepared. So, for easy design and calculation of its dimension first of all you must have some knowledge of types of stairs.

The different types of stairs are as follows

Different types of stairs in civil engineering
Different types of stair

1)Straight Stairs

The Stairs which run straight from one floor to another floor are known as straight stairs. It is used for small residential houses or may be public building where there is lack of space or rectangular space of small width.

This types of stairs may consist of single or more than one flight with a landing. It is easy to ascend and descend from one floor to another because it is straight and easy to design as it have only to connect two point, at top and at bottom.

It is relatively easy to install component of straight stairs like railing and handrails while construction.

2)Dog-legged stairs

The types of stairs which consist of two straight stairs combined parallel to each other in opposite direction (i.e in 180° turn) of ascend and descend is known as dog-legged stairs.

In these types of stairs landing is provided at It’s a turning point and kept at the mid level of their flights. This types of stairs is useful where the width of the stairs-case hall is just sufficient to accommodate two width of stairs.

This types of stairs are generally used in residential building. It is a little bit hard to construct than straight stair as it covers whole space of staircase.

3)Open newel stairs

Open newel is similar as dog-legged stairs but the difference is there exist some gape between the two flight which are parallel and in opposite direction (See in picture above).

Open newel stairs are provided where the width of the staircase is more and create difficult to accommodate the numbers of steps in the two flight in taking account of the maximum allowable limit of steps in each flight.

In short flight 3 to 6 steps are provided along the width of the hall (i.e in gap between the flight). There may be steps or may not along the gap of flight.

If steps are provided then landing after and before these steps are known as quarter space landing, if steps are not provided then the landing is known as half space landing.

4)Geometrical stairs

This is not other than something modified form of open-Nobel stairs. There is a small difference that the open well between the forward and the backward flight is curved rather than rectangular.

In Geometric stairs, the turning point between two flights is obtained through wonders. These may be either with half space landing or without landing. It is difficult to design and construct such types of stairs as it require precise measurements of the angle between steps of stairs.

5)Circular stairs

The stairs in which all the steps provided radiate from the newel post or well hole in the form of wonders are known as circular stairs. Generally such types of stairs do not consist of landing and made up of cast iron but also with R.C.C.

It is commonly provided at the back side of the building to access one floor to another. It makes some difficult to ascend and descend as their steps are made whole with wonders having one side narrow and another side wide.

So, these types of stairs are avoided for safe and quick access on floors. It’s construction is quite hard but it can be designed for an attractive look with arrangement of winders and railing style.

6)Bifurcated stairs

In this types of stairs, the flights are so arranged that there is a wide flight at the start which is sub-divided into narrow flights at the mid-landing reaching at some level of height.

These types of stairs are generally provided in public building where large traffic have to ascend and descend continuously from either side of the block. This types of stairs are used widely in Hospital, Shopping mall, Universities etc.

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