Tile Cost Calculator for Room

Tiles/Marble Cost Calculator

Tile Cost Calculator for Room


How to use Tile Cost Calculator for Room?

Tile Cost Calculator helps you to estimate the total area of tile required, cement, and approx estimate of the tiles or marble installation. To use the above calculater just follow the steps below.

Step1:- Select the storey upto which you want to install tiles or marbe.

Step2:- Input all the size of bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom and porch if available.

Step3:- Click on skirting you want to do below wall or not.

Step4:- Provide the local rate of tiles/marble and labour required for installation of the tiles.

Step5:- Click on calculate button to get result. You will get following result below.

  • Total Cost of Tile/Marble:
  • Quantity of Cement:
  • Quantity of Sand:
  • Aprox. Total Estimate:

Use Note**

1/5 of the volume of cement is taken out. That is, 1 part of cement should be mixed with 5 parts of sand. Multiplied by 1.2 to convert to dry volume.

If the portion of cement is changed, the quantity will also change.

40 mm mortar is calculated under the tile/marble. Labor charges for skirting have been reduced by 20 rupees from floor tiling.

The volume of the tractor is calculated by taking 2.5 cubic meters.

How to calculate cost of Tiles or marble?

Step1:- First of all calculate area of all space on which tiles/marble has to be installed.

Step2:- Add the area of skirting along the wall.

Step3:- Now, Multiply all area with the tiles cost and labour cost

Step4:- Finally you will get the estimate of the installation.

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