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Volume of one bag cement Calculator


How to use the calculator?

  • Input the weight of cement.
  • Choose whether your unit of cement is in kg or No. of Bags.
  • Click in convert to get the volume of cement in the meter cube as well as the feet cube.
  • If you want to see the numerical portion for converting one bag of cement into volume, then you can scroll below this article.

Why to convert weight of cement into volume?

For any construction site, we need to calculate the volume of materials for the estimation of cost. Here I am going to calculate the volume of one bag cement in meter cube.

Cement is the essential material of construction. Without cement, it will be very difficult to construct hard and durable structures in modern-day.

But, we know cement is packed in a bag whose weight remains 50 kg. Here I am going to show you how to convert 1 bag of cement ie. 50 kg of cement into volume.

Grade of cement

Cement are found in different grade, grade-33, grade-44, grade-54 etc. OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) found in three grades as above but PPC (Portland Pozzolana Cement) found in only one grade which is approximate equals to grade-33 of OPC cement.

PPC is more durable and environmentally friendly than OPC.

Volume of one bag cement / 50 kg cement

How to calculate volume of 50kg bag of cement
volume of one bag cement

Numerical for volume of cement

We have following data for cement,

Mass of one bag of cement

50 Kg for one Bag

Density of cement

1440 kg/ meter cube

Now, we need to calculate volume of one bag of cement.


Volume of Cement: = Mass/ Density


= 0.0347 m3

Also you can convert this volume from cubic meter to cubic feet,

Just you have to multiply the volume of 1 bag of cement by 35.3147.


1 cum cement = 35.3147 cuf

= 0.0347 cumec Cement

=0.0347* 35.3147

= 1.225 cft


Volume of cement in meter cube = = 0.0347 m3

Volume of cement in meter cube = 1.225 feet cube

So, friends in this way you can convert weight of cement in volume.

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