Top 5 Cause of Honeycomb in Concrete – Remedies of Honeycomb

Hello, friends in this article I am going to tell you about the Cause of honeycomb in concrete and Remedies of honeycomb in structure.

What is honeycomb in concrete?

Honeycomb is the space or void inside the concrete. You can see in this picture below. It is very dangerous for any structure. This is also sometimes called the air pocket.

It is simply a space where concrete can not reach at some portion of structure.

You can see steel rod coming outside of the structure which may be damaged after some time due to rusting and reduce the strength of concrete.

Cause of honeycomb in concrete

Cause of honeycomb in concrete

It is created in structure due to improper compaction and mixing of the ingredient like cement sand and aggregate.

It is cause due to too stiff concrete, stiff means hard which have less water in mix.

It is created when large size of aggregate has used for small dimension structures like wall, column, beam, slab, etc.

Honeycomb can also caused when we place the concrete from more height. It should not be greater than 1.5 meter.

It is caused if there is not an adequate gap between steel rods to enter concrete mix into it.

Effect of honeycomb in concrete

It reduces the strength of concrete structure.

Honeycomb is generally occurred in beam, slab and column etc. Which may cause whole structure to be collapse.

It is formed after harden of concrete structure. So, it make loss of properties.

Honeycomb which are present outside of concrete can detected by our nacked eyes but if is present in inner side of concrete then it can only be detected by the help of ultrasonic testing.

So, It remains dangerous for earthquake resistant structure.

Remedies of honeycomb in Structure

We should mix the concrete materials very well and make it as design very well.

Standers size of aggregate should be used for concrete mix according to design.

We should use vibrator at site to avoid honeycomb. So that we can achieve 100% strength as well as durable to remain long last.

Keep in mind, too much compaction of concrete with vibrator may cause segregation in concrete.

(Segregation is the separation of aggregate from cement, sand, and water due to differences between their densities.)

Cause of honeycomb in concrete
Segregation in concrete

Video on Honeycomb – Watch it to be more clear

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