How to repair cracks in brick walls?

When we construct a wall, we need bricks, cement, and sand to bind it with each other. Some time wall get cracked due to the vibration of running vehicle beside it or earthquakes. In this article, I am going to show you, How to repair cracks in brick walls.

To avoid cracks in the wall, we should use high-quality bricks, a proper ratio of cement and sand with water. I recommend you use a 1:4 ratio of cement and, respectively, to make the mortar of the brick wall.

How to repair cracks in brick walls?

Although, we construct strong wall sometimes wall get cracked due to different reasons,n such as rapid collision of load, and continuous vibration of wall.

Cracks in wall is a structural issue and will likely reappear in the future. However, I am going to show you how to patch the area and repair the crack to give it as long as possible before it cracks again.

I recommend using a fiber fuse to repair the crack. Fiber fuse is stronger than regular paper tape and mesh tape.

How to repair cracks in brick walls?

To repair cracks in brick wall we use some filler materials and rebar to provide proper strength of the wall. Here, I have described steps below.

  • To allow the compound to enter, slightly widen the opening in the wall.
  • To open the crack, run the edge of the blade through it completely.
  • Take out any materials that are loosened.
  • Provide rebar according to the width of wal
  • Apply filler of binding materials across the joint of wall.
  • After applying joint compound to the fracture, carefully press it in.
  • Slice off a piece of fiber fuse, then cover the fracture with it.
  • Increase the amount of joint compound over the fiber fuse.
  • Finally apply paint to the space to cover the cracks appearance.

Hence, in this way, we can repair cracked walls. I hope this article remains helpful.

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