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Introduction for Aggregates for concrete

Hi friends, here i am going to tell you the different aggregates sizes for concrete which are generally used for preparing different grades of concrete. Different sizes of aggregate are used for concrete and are necessary if we required good quality of concrete. So, if you are a civil engineer then you must know about the different sizes of aggregate while you design any structure like a building, tunnel, bridge, or road pavement of concrete.

There are mainly two types of aggregates used by civil engineering construction work to prepare concret. Concrete are used for different purpose like foundation, pavement etc. About 40 to 80 percent of concrete is made up of aggregate. So, aggregates used in concrete must be free from dust, clay, organic materails like vegetable, leaves etc. It should be washed clearly with the help of non acidic water before use to prepare concrete.

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The two types of aggregates are given below

  1. Fine aggregates
  2. Coarse aggregates

1) Fine aggregates:- The aggregates whose size is less than 4.75 mm are known as fine aggregates. Fine aggregate is also known as sand.

2) Coarse aggregate:- The aggregate whose size is greater than 4.75 mm is known as coarse aggregate. Stone is also known as coarse aggregate.

The size of aggeregates comonly used for prepairing different grade of concrete are given below.

Grade of ConcreteMix of (Cement:Sand:Aggregate)Size of Coarse Aggregates
M201:1.5:320 mm
M151:2:412.5 mm,20 mm,40 mm
M101:3:620 mm, 40 mm, 60 mm
M7.51:4:840 mm, 63 mm
M51:5:1040 mm, 63 mm
Low Grade1:6:1240 mm, 63 mm
Size of Aggregate for different grade of Concrete
Size of Aggregate for different grade of Concrete
Aggregates for concrete

Watch Video on Size of Aggregate for different grade of Concrete

So, friends, I hope this article on “Aggregates for concrete | Aggregates sizes for concrete” remains helpful for you.

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