how to find no of bricks in a wall – Example with Numerical

Hi, In this article I am going to tell you about “how to find no. of bricks in a wall” So if you want to know then read it one by one step carefully. Wall is a protective member of a building. It protects from the atmosphere as well as living animals to enter into a home which may be dangerous for our life.

The number of bricks is required to estimate the building as well as it is required as a dead load for building for analysis. It depends upon the length, breadth and, height of the wall. As the dimension of the wall increases its quantity increases and also the number of bricks increases.

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How to calculate number of bricks in a wall
How to calculate number of bricks in a wall

Now let’s calculate the numbers of bricks in a wall stepwise.

Let us take a question to know these types of problem to be solved at construction. The question is,

Q) Find the numbers of bricks of wall having length 6 meter, width 15 inches, and height 2 meter. If the length of bricks is 19 cm, width of bricks is 9 cm and height is 9 cm.


Let thickness of mortar be 10mm = 0.01 meter


Convert all unit of dimensions of waal and column into meter.

For Bricks,

Length = 19 centimeter = 0.19 meter
Width = 9 centimeter = 0.09 meter
Height = 9 centimeter = 0.09 meter

For Wall,

Length = 6 meter
Width = 15 inch = 0.381 meter
Height = 2 meter


Calculate volume of wall and bricks

For wall,

V’ = Length x Width x Height
= 6 * 0.381 * 2
= 4.572 m³

For Bricks,

V = Length x Width x Height
= 0.20 * 0.10 * 0.10
= 0.002 m³ (With Mortar)

{Depth of mortar is added to all side of bricks, in length, width and height of the bricks}

So, new dimension will be like above.


Calculate number of bricks

N = V’/V
= (4.572/0.002)
= 2286 numbers of bricks.

In this way you can find the no. of bricks in a wall

Watch video on how to find no of bricks in a wall.

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