Fineness Modulus of Aggregate Calculator

Fineness Modulus of Aggregate Calculator – IS

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a) Total Weight of Coarse/Fine Aggregate Kg

*Input values in Column A & B Then Click Calculate below
A) IS Sieve (mm) B) Weight retained (Kg) C) Total Weight Retained (Kg) D) Percentage Weight Retained(%)
Sum: Sum:
Fineness Modulus:

How to calculate the Fineness Modulus of Aggregate?

Read Here – With Numericals – How to Calculate Fineness modulus of aggregate| Formula with Numerical

How to Use this Tool?

  • Input the weight of fine or coarse aggregate above the table.
  • Fill the data in Column A and Column B
  • Finally, click on the calculate button to get the fineness modulus of the aggregate.
  • Enjoy the calculator.
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