Cutting length of Circular ties s Calculator

Cutting length of Circular ties s Calculator

A) Input Detail of member & Steel



This Calculator calculates the cutting length of circular stirrups in a beam or column. It helps you to prepare the bar bending schedule of beam-column and footing like structure.

It provides you with the total weight of stirrups and ties which will take to provide in a given length of beam or column.

General Formula to calculate the cutting length of any steel bars:

Cutting Length of bars = Perimeter of Shape + Total
hook length – Total Bend Length

Standards value of Bends & Hooks used
in construction

➢ 1 Hook length = 9d or 75mm
➢ 45° Bend length = 1d
➢ 90° Bend length = 2d
➢ 135° Bend length = 3d
Remember, d = Diameter of Bar

Steps involved in finding the cutting length of stirrups:-

  1. First of write the dimension of the structure.
  2. Note down the diameter of steel bars for which
    cutting length is to be calculated.
  3. Now, deduct the concrete cover or clear cover to get
    actual length of perimeter bars.
  4. Calculate the length of the hook of the bars.
  5. Calculate the bend length of steel bars.
  6. Add step 3 and 4 and subtract step 5 from it.
  7. It will gives you total cutting length of steel bars.

Read Numerical Example,

How to calculate the cutting length of rectangular, square, triangular, diamond or circular stirrups.

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