Civil engineer objective questions – Survey (Section-2)

26. If n observations are taken, the accidental errors are proportional to

Civil engineer objective questions - Survey (Section-2)

27 Which one is the simplest survey?

a) chain survey

b) compass survey

c) plane table survey

d) levelling

28. During geodetic survey which one is considered

a) radius of earth is considered

b) curvature of earth is considered

c) mass of the earth is considered

d) none of the above

29. Cadastral Map is a map having

a) small scale

b) medium scale

c) large scale

d) all of the above

30. In city for planning, plotting the details as well as property line is

a) topographical map

b) cadastral map

c) land use map

d) none of the above

31. An offset scale always has the zero mark at its

a) middle

b) end

c) either middle or at end

d) none of the above

32. Offsets are

a) chain lines out of alignment

b) small measurements from chain line

c) measurements taken in chain surveying d) none of the above

33. Short offsets are measured with

a) an ordinary chain

b) an invar tape

c) a metallic tape

d) a steel tape

34. Butt rods are used for measuring

a) base line

b) tie line

c) offset distance

d) vertical distance

35. A 30 m chain was found to be 20 cm too long after chaining 1500 m. The correct length of the total distance chained will be

a) 1495 m

b) 1500 m

c) 1505 m

d) none of the above

36. The chain length which is not the standard metric chain length is

a) 10 m

b) 20 m

c) 25 m

d) 30 m

37. If a chain is found too short on testing, it can be adjusted by

a) straightening the links

b) inserting additional circular rings

c) flattening the circular rings

d) any of the above

38. Number of links in a 30 m metric chain is

a) 100

c) 180

b) 150

d) 200

39. A chain may be elongated due to

a) decrease in temperature

b) kinks in link

c) difference in pull

d) opening in rings

40. The distance between two neighboring brass rings are

a) 20 cm

b) 50 cm

c) 1 m

d) 5 m

41. The tape commonly used for measure the offsets in chain survey is

a) linen tape

b) steel tape

c) metallic tape

d) invar tape

42. A chain 33′ (feet) long and consisting of 16 links each Civil engineer objective questions - Survey (Section-2) feet long is

a) Engineer’s chain

b) Gunter’s chain

c) Metric chain

d) Revenue chain

43. A chain is made up of mild steel or galvanized iron wire of diameter

a) 1 mm

b) 3 m

c) 5 mm

d) 7 mm

44. Ranging is the process of

a) marking some intermediate points in straight line, joining the two end points in the field

b) fixing ranging rods on the extremities of the area.

c) taking offsets from a chain line

d) none of the above3

45. Ranging is the process of fixing intermediate points between two points while changing the measurement of distance between two points, then find the correct statement

a) accurate changing is not possible without ranging

b) accurate ranging is not possible without chaining

c) chaining & ranging proceeds simultaneously

d) all of the above

46. The minimum no. of ranging rods required for direct ranging is

a) 2

b) 3

c) 4

d) 5

47. The minimum no. of ranging rods required for indirect ranging is

a) 2

b) 3

c) 4

d) 5

48. The important points selected at the ends of the chain lines to command the boundaries of the survey are known as

a) main stations

b) subsidiary stations

c) tie station

d) none of the above

49. The longest chain line passing through the center of the area is known as

a) base line

b) tie line

c) check line

d) all the above

50. The tie line is run through the traverse to

a) take off sets for detailed surveying

b) take details of near by objects

c) check accuracy of work

d) none of the above

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