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It’s not easy nor very hard to calculate area of trapezoidal land if you don’t know actually what is its shape and formula to calculate it. And also there is not only the land to be measured there may be much structure to design. So if you are a civil engineer or if you have an exam for geometry then it is very important to learn the area of trapezoidal formula.
The land whose two sides are parallel to each other but the other two sides are not are known as trapezoidal land. Generally, lands are in square or rectangular in shape. But it is not necessary that at all times and at all places these types of land you have to measure.
Let us discuss some more formula to calculate area of different geometrical shapes like square land, rectangular land, triangular land, etc.
1) Square land:- The land whose all sides are perpendicular to each other and having all side equal is known as a square land. All sides make 90 degrees with each other.
Area of square land = L x L (where L is the length)
2) Rectangular land:- The land whose all sides are perpendicular to each other but do not have all sides equal. it means their length and width are of different dimensions.
Area of rectangular land:- L x B (where L is the length of Land and B is the width of the land.)
3) Triangular land:- The land which has three sides is known as triangular land. These types of land are rarely bur generally found at the corner of the road turning. It may be of equal or of different sides.
Area of triangular land:- 1/2 x B x H (where B is the Base of Land and H is the perpendicular height of the land.)
Now let us start the calculation of how to calculate area of trapezoidal land.
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Numerical with area of trapezoidal formula

How to calculate the Area of Trapezoidal land or plane? Just a method
Fig:- Area of trapezoidal Land
As shown in the figure above let us assume the length of two sides of trapezoidal land which are parallel to each other be,
        AB (L’)=  15 meter
        CD (L”)=  7 meter
And the perpendicular distance between them be,
         DP (H)= 5 meter
[ Note that the remaining two sides of the trapezoidal plane may or may not be parallel and the value of (H) should be measured so that it is always perpendicular to the parallel lines.]
Now, you have to use the formula given as,
  Total Area (A) = 1/2( L’+L”) × H
So, putting the value of assumed dimension in the above formula we get,
           (A) = 1/2 (AB+CD)×DP
           (A) = 1/2 (15+7) × 5
                 = 55-meter square
Hence, in this way you can calculate the total area of any trapezoidal land or plane.
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