What are the qualities of good building stone?

Hello friends in this article i am going to tell you about some most important qualities of good building stone. You will become expert on choosing the characteristics of good stone for your construction work.

Stone is a hard substances are formed by the large amount of pressure and temperature during long period of time. Stone are of different types and can be used for different purpose like constructing road building , walls etc.


So, Stone must be strong and durable if we are going to construct any types of structure. Following characters of stones should meet to be a good building stones.

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The qualities of good building stone are given below.

1) It should be chemically inert’s. i.e it should not be react easily with other substances.

2) It should posses sufficient hardness to resist abrosion in the set.

3) It must clean and free from clay, vegetables and other organic materials.

4) It should not produce shrinkage and cracks.

5) It should posses sufficient toughness to withstand impact and vibrating load.

6) It should be durable and should be strong. Enough to withstand against weathering action.

7) It should be easily workable.

8) It should have uniform colour.

9) It should have compact grain structure.

10) It posses better strength.

11) Water absorption capacity should not more than 5% of dry weight.

12) It must be well seasoned.

13) It should have fire resistance.

14) It’s specific gravity should not be less than 2.4 .

15) It should have resist wear and tear.

16) It should  not be chalky and Earth appearance.

17) It’s minimum crushing strength value is 100kg/cm2

Hence friend these are the most required qualities of good building stone as a building materials.

I hope this article remains helpful for you.
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