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Tiles are made from hard-wearing material like as ceramic, stone, metal back clay, glass, which are generally used to covering roofs, walls, floors or for any purposes such as tabletops.

Let us discuss how many types of floor tiles are there:-

how many types of floor tiles are there
how many types of floor tiles are there

1) Quarry tile:- It is made by ground material in the process where it is like brick or similar to a brick. It is formed by ground material, for example, feldspar, clay and shale.

2) Travertine tile:– As limestone, it offers a natural, one of a kind of beauty. It is soft in nature and beauty.

3) Granite tile:- It is a natural stone which has a similar look and feels to marble because of there natural mark, even though it has few notable differences.

4) Limestone tile:- It is also a type of natural stone. Which takes away a natural appearance of ancient architecture and design. It is soft and long-lasting in nature. Making shape and cutting in a specific pattern and placement is easy

5) Mosaic Tile:- It gives a chance to flex our creative interior design muscles, it is found in so many shapes, size, colour, style and materials too.

6) Marble Tile:- Either costly, marble tile adds for a moment touch of grace and refinement to any room, hall, kitchen etc. Most people use these tiles to increase the beauty of the house, kitchen, bathroom etc.

7) Cement Tile:- Since from the 19th-century cement tiles are in use. It is of different types which provide amazing shape, patterns and colour. It can also be sanded and release like wood floors edges.

8) Porcelain Tile: Porcelain is the most common types of tile, which differs from the ceramic tile. It is all-purpose tile, it comes in a different colour, designs, and styles.

9) Glass Tile:- Glass tiles gives a clean and minimalistic beauty. The blemish resistance of glass makes it a fantastic alternative of natural Stone.

10) Ceramic Tile:- It is one of the most common types of tile which is mostly found in the home because it is suitable for many petitions. We can use it in the kitchen, bathroom, or even entryways also because of its increased durability.

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