Manufacture process of cement – Step by Step Description

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Cement:- Cement may be defined as a binding medium in concrete that has both cohesive and adhesive properties. It is obtained by pulverizing the clinkers. Clinkers are obtained by the burning mixture of calcareous argillaceous group material in definite proportion.

So let’s move towards the Manufacture Process of Cement:-

Manufacture process of cement
Manufacture process of cement

1) Mixing of raw material:- A materials like as limestone or chalk and shale or clay may be mixed either in dry condition or wet condition. The process of according is known as dry process or wet process of mixing.

a) Dry process:- A dry process, the raw materials are first reduced in size of 25mm in crushers. The current of dry air is then passed over the dried material.

These materials are then pulverized into fine powder in ball Mills and Tube Mills. All of that material is done separately for each raw material and it can be stored in the hopper.

It is then mixed in the correct proportion and made ready for the feed of rotary kiln. A finely ground powder of raw material is called raw mix and it is stored in a storage tank.

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Manufacture of cement by the dry process is; 

b) Wet process:- It is an old technology process. In this process, the calcareous material is like limestone are crushed and stored in silos or storage tank.

This material like clay is thoroughly mixed in water in a container is called washbasin and a washed clay is stored in the basin.

Now, the crushed limestone from silos and wet clay from basins are allowed to fall in the channel in correct proportions.

A channel leads the material a grinding Mills where it has brought into intimate contact to form what is called the slurry.

A grinding is carried out either in a ball mill or tube mill or both. A slurry is led to a correcting basin where it constantly stirred. At this stage, chemical composition is adjusted as compulsory.

A corrected slurry is stored in a storage tank and keep ready to serve as feed for rotary kiln.

2) Burning:- A burning is carried out in a rotary kiln. The rotary kiln is made of steel tubes. The diameter of these tubes is 2.5 to 3m and length varies from 90m to 120m.

A kiln is supported at intervals by a column of concrete. A refractory lining is provided on the inside surface of the rotary kiln.

A corrected slurry is injected in the upper end of the kiln for the wet process. The upper end of kiln is called the dry zone and at this zone, the water of slurry is evaporated. The temperature of the kiln is 1400°c to 1500°c.

3) Grinding:- A clinkers are obtained from the kiln are finely ground in ball Mills and Tube Mills. Doing grinding, the small quantity of 3 to 4 percent of gypsum is added.

The cement from silos is fed to the packer machine. Each bag of cement contain 50kg or 500N and these bags are automatically discharged from the packer to the conveyor belts to different loading area. It is carefully stored in a dry place.

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