Rate analysis for plastering – Step by Step Procedure for Calculation

In the previous article, I had discussed Rate analysis for Concrete. But we will talk about how to do rate analysis for plastering step by step.

The plaster contains a mixture of sand and cement only. So, to calculate the rate analysis of plaster we have to know the the quantity and rate of each materials.

So, Let us take an example.

Calculate the rate analysis for plastering of a wall that has to plaster with 12 mm thick plaster having surface area of 100 meter square.

Rate analysis for Concrete- Step by Step calculation with table


Step-1 Write all given data

Thickness of Plaster = 12 mm = 0.012 meter

Mix ratio of plaster = 1:5 Mortar for

Area for plaster = 1 Square meter.

Step-2 Calculate Volume of plaster

Volume of mortar = Plastering Area x Thickness of plaster = 100 x 0.12 = 1.2 meter cube

10% Extra for uneven surface = 1.2 + 10 % 0f 1.2 = 1.32 meter cube

30 % extra for dry volume mortar = 1.32 + 30 % of 1.32 = 1.72 meter cube

[To convert wet volume of mortar to dry volume we have to add 30% to 33% extra of wet volume.]

Therefore total volume of mortar become = 1.72 meter cube

Step-3 Calculate volume of Cement and Sand

We have mix ratio of mortar = 1:5

So, one part of cement is mixed with 5 parts of sand.

To calculate Volume of cement,

Volume of cement = 1.72/(1+5) x 1 = 0.29 meter cube

Converting it into weight = Volume x Density = 0.29 x 1450 = 420.5 kg [Density of cement is 1440 kg/meter cube.]

Again converting weight of cement into numbers of bags for easy calculation of rate,

Numbers of bags of cement = 420.5/50 = 8.4 bags = 9 bags Approx.

The weight of one bag is 50 kg.


Volume of Sand = 1.72/(5+1) x 5 = 1.43 meter cube

Now, let us do Rate analysis for plastering – Table

Rate analysis for plastering - Step by Step Procedure for Calculation
Cement9 Bags3803420
Sand1.43 Cub. Meter12001716
Head Mason1/2600300
Mason10 no.5005000
Beldar11 no.3003300
Mazdoor13 no.270
3Scaffolding1 no.150150
Sub Total:-13886
Add 3 % for Water Charge416.58
Add 10% for Contractor1430.258
Grand Total:-15732.838

Hence in this way we can do Rate analysis for plastering easily.

Rate analysis for plastering Calculator

I hope this article remains helpful for you.

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