Steel calculation formula in excel – 100% Free Download

I have given steel calculation formula in excel sheet in the link below. you can download it but before this, I recommend you to watch the video till the end.

The video has described that how can you use the excel sheet to calculate the quantity of steel of different structures like column, slab, beam, etc.

In Excel sheet you can enter two types of steel rod having different diameter.

After that, you have to put the length of steel rod and then the no. of steel of respective length.

This excel sheet also has unit converter. It can convert feet to meter.

Download steel calculation formula in excel sheet here,

Both of the above calculators can be used to calculate the weight of steel rebars used in the construction. One of the tools/calculators is online while another calculator is offline.

In an online calculator, you don’t have to change the unit of length or diameter of the steel rod. It will automatically change the unit. But offline you have to change the unit manually which is given in the excel sheet. You can convert it into meters to feet or in another unit easily.

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