What is Cast iron | What is Wrought iron | What is Steel

Hello, friends in this article I am going to tell you about What is Cast iron | What is Wrought iron and What is Steel. So I hope you will get full knowledge about it.

Iron is a hard metal used for different types of construction work like to make beam and column of steel, to make equipment like a spade, scissors hammer, etc. These are also useful for making vehicles frame, making crane body or making it on the gate. There is a huge rate of using different types of iron and steel according to their uses and need.

So let’s move toward What is Cast iron | What is Wrought iron.

a) Cast iron:- Cast iron is a more purified form of iron, which contains less amount of impurities that in the pig iron. This is obtained by remelting of pig iron in the blast furnace-like structure known as a cupola.

what is cast iron
Cast Iron

Properties if cast iron:-

  • Cast iron is neither malleable nor ductile.
  • Cast irons are Brittle in nature.
  • It is less corrosive
  • It is Good in compression but weak in tension.
  • It Can’t be welded together.
  • It’s Melting point 1200°c.
  • It’s Specific gravity 7.5
  • It can be Soften in saline water.
  • It Can be hardened but can’t tamper.

b) Wrought iron:- Wrought iron is a pure form of pig iron. It is a purified form of iron. It contains 99.5% pure iron and 0.5% other matter.(I,e, carbon, sulfide, phosphide, silica, magnesium, silica, and slag). It is ductile in nature.

what is Wrought iron
Wrought iron

Properties of wrought iron:-

  • Wrought iron is Malleable and ductile.
  • It’s Melting point 1500°c
  • It’s Specific gravity 7.8
  • It is Less corrosive (rusting)
  • It can be welded together
  • It is Good in tension and compression both.

c) Steel:- Steel is the alloy of iron and carbon steel now a days becomes the backbone of civil engineering construction. Steel may be plain steel alloy. Plain carbon steel is the at which carbon only forms alloy about 92% steel is produced from plain carbon steel and 8% is found from alloy.

Properties of steel are:-

  • Steel possesses high strength than other forms of the iron. i.e, cast and wrought iron.
  • It can absorb shock and elastic.
  • It is malleable in ductile.
  • It’s melting point is 1300°c to 1400°c
  • Its specific gravity is 7.85
  • Heat treatment can be done in the stream to improve drain distribution and quality of steel.
  • Some steel has corrosion resistance but plain carbon steel is defected by corrosion.

So, friends, I hope this article on the Difference between cast iron, wrought iron, and mild steel remains helpful for you.

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Different Between Wrought iron and Cast Iron
Different Between Wrought iron and Cast Iron

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