What is a Spandrel beam | Design Criteria, Advantages and Disadvantages

What is a spandrel beam?

The spandrel beam and edge beam are the same. As their name suggests, edge beams are provided at the edge side of the building’s structure. Spandrel beams are provided at the level of the slab. 

It can be counted to know the total number of floors of the multi-story buildings. It is generally provided to increase the stiffness of the structure and bear a dead load of masonry non-load bearing walls.

What is a spandrel beam | Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of spandrel beam

  • It bears the load of the masonry structure above it and prevents the slab from crushing.
  • It increases the area inside the floor of the buildings.
  • It provides lateral support to the structure and prevents seismic load, wind load, etc.
  • It can be constructed with the help of steel as well as concrete even after the full construction of the frame of the buildings.
  • It increases the connection between the columns of the building.

Disadvantages of the spandrel beam

  • It is situated outside of the building, so it is in direct touch of the out environment. It decreases the durability of the spandrel beam’s materials.
  • The formwork of the spandrel beam is hard to install as it is placed at the outer perimeter of the building’s column.
  • It increases the extra cost of the structure.

Basic design Criteria/Consideration of spandrel beam

What is a Spandrel beam | Design Criteria, Advantages and Disadvantages
  • The main rod used in the beam should not be less than 12 mm.
  • The spacing between the stirrups should not be less than 250 mm.
  • Crank bars should be used if possible.
  • The minimum thickness of beam should not be less than 5 inch and , maximum depends on the requirement of loading capacity.
  • The reinforcement of column and spandrel beam should be connected properly to bear the load of masonry structure above the beam without crack.
  • Minimum Clear cover should not be less than 16 mm.
  • Lapping of steel rod at mid span of beam should be avoided as far as possible.

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