What is Aqueduct? – Irrigation

Aqueduct is an irrigation canal for carrying water that passes over a drainage channel without lowering down the bed of the drainage channel for the crossing. The canal and drainage channels are crossed at a right angle with fairly straight length at both d/s and v/s.

What is Aqueduct? - Irrigation

The aqueduct structure of the waterway may be built of rectangular channel or duct, masonry arches, etc. The structure is supported by constructing masonry walls on the bed of the drainage channel.

Generally, the sectional area of the canal at the aqueduct and the area of the drainage channel are reduced at the crossing. The velocity thus increases which is likely to scour the bed for this the w/s and d/s sides of the aqueduct and the sides of the drainage channel are paved by stone boulders on concrete blocks.

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