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Are you searching for a mix ratio (Cement: Sand: Aggregates) for different grades of concrete? you are at the right place to gain deep knowledge about it. In this article, I am going to tell you about the different types of concrete mix design.

A mix ratio of concrete is prepared according to the required strength of structure like column, beam, slab, etc. we can also take examples of large structures like a bridge, culvert, dam, etc.

The structure which required to carry more load needs high strength of concrete and a low load needs low strength of concrete to make the structure economical. We have to prepare the required strength of concrete with the help of adjusting the mix ratio of concrete materials.

Here, first of all, I would like to tell you what is a mix. Let us take an example. We have to prepare the M20 grade of concrete, then M indicates the mix ratio (Cement: Sand: Aggregates) of concrete while 20 indicates the strength of concrete.

As a whole we can say that M20 grade of concrete has its compressive strength of 20 KN/mm^2.

Different types of concrete mix ratio

  1. Nominal concrete mix/ratio
  2. Designed concrete mix/ratio
  3. Standard concrete mix/ratio

1) Nominal Mix ratio:- Nominal concrete mix ratio is used for small construction where no actual strength calculation is required. literary we can say this is the approx value of the ratio of cement, sand, and aggregates for preparing concrete.

2) Designed concrete ratio:- Designed concrete ratio is prepared by an expert in the construction. This is an actual and calculated value by structural engineers. There are no guidelines for any grade of concrete. It depends on the structure to be constructed which should bear the load. Engineers initially examine the probable maximum load on the structure and after that the design the concrete mix for cement, sand, and aggregate in the required ratio.

3) Standard Concrete Design:- Standard concrete mix/ratio is based on IS Code 456-2000 concrete mix. It has been separated into different mix ratios of concrete i.e quantity of cement, sand, and aggregates for different grades of concrete.

The different grades of concrete are M5, M7.5, M10, M15, M20, M25.

So, the materials (Mix) proportion for each grade of concrete are given as,

Grade of ConcreteMix Ratio
Compressive Strength of Concrete
M51:5:105 Mpa
M7.51:4:87.5 Mpa
M101:3:610 Mpa
M151:2:415 Mpa
M201:1.5:320 Mpa
M251:1:225 Mpa
Different types of concrete mix ratio
Different types of concrete mix ratio
Types of concrete mix design

The full strength of concrete takes in 28 days. To test the concrete, a minimum of 3 samples of cubes are prepared and tested at each interval of time.

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