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About Stair Estimator

This Calculator suggests you provide a suitable size of riser and tread for a residential building. It also allows you to calculate the number of the riser, the number of tread width of stairs, etc according to the size of the staircase of the building.

To get the required value follow the steps below.

  1. Put the dimension of staircase you want to construct.
  2. Input the length and height of tread and riser respectively.
  3. After putting all the value click on check design to get result.
  4. The tools will suggest you the failue or passed status with respect to landing, riser and tread.
  5. Pass all the design criteria to get value of riser and tread. You can use hit and trial method by increasing and decreasing the value of rise and tread to pass all the requirement.
  6. Your result will shown below the calculate button.
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