Rebar weight calculator Excel – Free Download

Rebar weight calculator Excel helps to calculate the weight of rebar for different members like columns, beams, slabs, etc. for construction.

Steps to use Rebar weight calculator Excel

Step 1:- Select the diameter of the rebar for which you want to calculate the weight.

Rebar weight calculator Excel - Free Download

Step 2:- Enter the Length in meters and quantity of the Rebar.

Step 3:- Click on Calculate

Step 4:- Enjoy Useful Calculation

Formula o Calculate Weight of Steel Bars

Weight = (d2 /162.25) x L

Where d is the diameter of rebar in millimeter.

L is the length of the rebar in meters.

Short Numerical to calculate the weight of rebar

Calculate the weight of 5-meter length rebar having a diameter 20 mm.

Solution:- Using formula

Weight = (d2 /162.25) x L

= 202 /162.25 x 5 = 12.3 Kg.

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