Differences between Flexible pavement and Rigid Pavement Structure

Flexible pavement and Rigid Pavement

S.NCriteriaFlexible PavementRigid Pavement
1Design AccuracyRelatively less because these pavements are mainly designed by an empirical method.More precise and accurate structure analysis techniques can be used.
2Life SpanWell designed pavement has about 10-20 years.About 40 years
3Repair and MaintenanceFrequent repair and maintenance is needed.Practically little repair and maintenance is needed.
4Initial costLowHigh
5Stage ConstructionPossible in the flexible pavement in which minimum initial thickness can be provided and later on additional overlays can be provided.Not possible
6Surface characteristicsRelatively poor riding quality.Good riding quality because free from rutting, patholes.
7Penetration of waterEasily penetrate through the layers due to their less imperviousness.Difficult due to high imperviousness.
8Glare and Night visibilitySurface is black in colour so no light reflects, hence more street light are needed for night visibility.Grey in colour so good glare and needed fewer street lights fortnight visibility.
9Traffic dislocation during constructionRoad can be opened quickly for traffic operationTraffic can be only opened after 28 days.
10Availability of materialsBitumen is a scarce material, It has limited deposits in a few countries.Cement can be manufactured easily by limestone in many countries.
11Utility locationPublic facilities and services like water supply pipes, sewer liner, telephone cable etc can be buried below.Difficult because of traffic movement.
12Environmental considerationIt degrades none by burning bitumen.Less degrades.
13Overall economicsCostly according to as a life cycle.Cheaper
14Design philosophyElastic layered theory.Plate theory

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