Civil engineer objective questions – Survey (Section-4)

76. The angle of intersection of horizon mirror and index mirror of an optical square is

a) 300°

b) 45°

c) 1050 °

d) 120°

77. The main difference between optical square and prism square is

a) no adjustment is required in a prism square as the angle between the reflecting mirrors is fixed

b) optical square is more accurate

c) principle of working is different

d) all of the above

78. In chain survey execution, this first step taken is

a) reconnaissance

b) marking station

c) running survey line

d) reference sketches

79. A river is an obstacle to

a) ranging but not chaining

b) chaining but not ranging

c) both chaining and ranging

d) none of the above

80. Obstacle to ranging but not chaining is

a) river

b) building

c) hill

d) pond

81. A building in an obstacle to

a) chaining but not ranging

b) ranging but not chaining

c) both chaining and ranging

d) none of the above

82. A field is measured with a 1.0 percent too long chain is found to be 10000 acres. The corrected area of the field will be b) 10201 acres

a) 90891 acres

b) 10201 acres

c) 10401 acres

d) none of the above

83. A 30 m long chain when tested should not show error


a) +2mm per metre and ± 5mm overall length

b) +3mm per metre and ± 8mm overall length

c) +2mm per metre and ± 8mm overall length

d) ± 5mm per metre and ± 2mm overall length

84. Offset angle taken in chain survey may be

a) 45°

b) 900

c) 135°

d) any of the above

85. An offset more than 15m in length is known as

a) long offset

b) short offset

c) oblique offset

d) right-angled offset

86. Choose the correct statement

a) discrepancy in the difference between two measured values of same quantity

b) residual error is the difference between a measured quantity and most probable value

c) variance is the square of the standard deviation

d) all of the above

87. Well-conditioned triangle having angle between

a) 30° & 60°

c) 30° & 120°

b) 30° & 90°

d) 60° & 120°

88. In case of chain surveying which one is the best triangle?

a) well-conditioned triangle

b) ill-conditioned triangle

c) equilateral triangle

d) isosceles triangle

89. The sum of internal angle of well- conditioned triangle should be

a) 180°

b) 90°

c) 280°

d) 360°

90. The sum of external angle of ill- conditioned triangle should

a) 360°

b) 7200

c) 450°

d) 900°

91. The accuracy of measurement in chain surveying, does not depend upon

a) length of the offset

b) scale of the plotting

c) importance of the features

d) general layout of the chain lines

92. The accuracy of measurement in chain surveying, does not depend upon

a) leader

b) follower

c) length of chain

d) length of offset

93. The purpose of triangulation in chain survey is

a) finding the direction of points

b) establishment of accurate control points

c) transferring the control point

d) none of the above

94. Handles are connected to link by

a) flexible joint

b) rigid joint

c) swivel joint

d) ball and socket joint

95. Handles of chains are made of

a) nickel

b) steel

c) copper

d) brass

96.  Angle of 45° with chain line may be set out with

a) optical square

b) prismatic square

c) open cross staff

d) french cross staff

97. The optical square is based on the principle of optical

a) reflection

b) refraction

c) double reflection

d) double refraction

98. The position of point can be fixed more accurately by

a) perpendicular offset

b) optical square

c) prism square

d) oblique offsets

99. Positive error is caused if

a) the length of chain is shorter than the standard

b) the slope and sag corrections is not applied

c) the measurements are made along the incorrectly aligned line

d) all of the above

100. The base line is measured with

a) metallic tape

b) steel tape

c) invar tape

d) chain

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