Civil engineer objective questions – Drawing Techniques (Section-6)

76. Perspective drawing is done for

a) not for civil engineers             

b) show details of market products

c) both (a) and (b) of above                   

d) none of the above  

77. Why perspective drawing is done by manufacturer?

a) It is easy to express in the market

b) shape is confirmed 

c) exact size is not measured

d) all of the above

78. In orthographic projection which one have all three views  same

a) cube                                                         

b) circle

c) sphere                                                      

d) both (a) and (c) of above

79. Which is not pictorial projection?

a) oblique projection                               

b) orthographic projection        

c) trigonometric                                        

d) axonometric projection

80. View of circle in orthographic is

a) ellipse                                                       

b) circle

c) ellipse and circle                        

d) triangle

81. In orthographic projection, projector lines are

a) vertical lines                                           

b) inclined lines

c) horizontal lines                          

d) none of the above

82. In third angle projection top view is put

a) above front view                                  

b) below font view 

c) side view                                     

d) none of the above

83. In case of third angle projection, plan is kept at

a) top                                                

b) below

c) side                                                           

d) none

84. In case of orthographic projection the number of views generally used are

a) 2                                                                

b) 4

c) 6                                                                

d) 8

85. Mechanical lines are types of 

a) mechanic drawing                               

b) line of drawn with free hand

c) line drawn with drawing equipment

d) none of the above

86. The main purpose of leader line is

a) show dimension                                   

b) to connect a note with the feature

c) to show beauty                         

d) to show hatch

87. Hatching line is a line which makes an angle of 45° with

a) horizon                                                    

b) vertical

c) main line of the section                       

d) all of the above

88. Horizontal lines are drawn                                                                           a) left to right,                                           

b) right to left

c) top to bottom                                        

d) both (a) and (b) above

89. Vertical lines are drawn

a) top to bottom                                        

b) bottom to top

c) both (a) and (b) above            

d) none of the above

90. The other name of axonometric projection is

a) one plane projection               

b) two plane projection

c) three plane projection            

d) all of the above

91. One plane projection is 

a) axonometric projection                      

b) oblique projection

c) both (a) and (b) above            

d) none of the above

92. Axonometric view/drawing is what type of view?

a) one plane                                                

b) two planes

c) three plane                                             

d) six planes

93. Axonometric drawing is a drawing like

a) parallel to the plane                 

b) perpendicular to the plane 

c) inclined to the plane                

d) all of the above

94. In one plane drawing, which one does not fall under

a) orthographic                                         

b) axonometric

c) oblique                                                    

d) dimetric

95. A 100 m long line making 300 with the vertical, show its projection on horizontal plane

a) 100 m                                                       b) 50 m

c) 86.6 m                                                     

d) 70.71 m

96. The point of intersection of co-ordinate axis is called

a) zero-zero                                                

b) origin

c) cross point                                              

d) all of the above

97. Axonometric projection is a special type of

a) orthographic projection

b) perspective projection 

c) isometric projection

d) multi view projective 

98. In case of dimetric projection

a) two sides are not equally inclined 

b) two sides are equally inclined

c) two sides are parallel 

d) two sides are equal

99. In a topographic drawing the symbols representing natural features are drawn by free hand while artificial works are drawn by

a) free hand                                                

b) mechanically

c) both (a) and (b) of above       

d) none of the above

100. Topographic map is used to represent the

a) artificial detail                            

b) natural detail

c) construction detail                               

d) all of the above

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