Civil engineer objective questions – Drawing Techniques (Section-1)

1. The art of representation of an object by systemic lines on a paper is known as 

a) drawing                                     b) art

c) dimensioning                            d)profession

2.  Drawing is the ……….of engineers.

a) language                                      b) tool

c) machine                                                  d) all of the above

3. The edge of drawing board where T-square is made to slide is called 

a) sliding edge                                             b) fixing edge

c) working edge                                          d) all of the above

4. As per ISI recommended size of drawing board is/are

a) Bo (1000x1500m)                                 b) B1 (700x1000m)

c) B2 (500 x 700m)                                    d) B3 (350x 500m) e) all of the above     

6. Drawing board is made of

a) well-seasoned soft wood                    b) well-seasoned hard wood c) moisted soft wood                                d) moisted hardwood 

7.During drawing stock of T-square is placed

a) adjoining the working edge of the board 

b) adjoining the sliding edge of the board                                                    

c) surface of the board 

d) none of the above

8. The working edge of T-square is used to

a) draw horizontal line                 b) as a base of set square

c) draw horizontal parallel line  d) all of the above

9. Set squares are not used to draw      

a) straight line                                             b) vertical line with T-square

c) horizontal line                            d) all of the above

10. The diameter of semi-circle is called

a) diameter of protractor                        b) base of protractor

c) length of protractor                              d) none of the above

11. Drawing pins/cello tapes are used to

a) draw a drawing                                     b) move the drawing                   

c) fix the drawing                           d) all of the above

12. When only one drawing is to be made then its position should be

a) left side of paper                                   b) right side of paper

c) upper side of paper                              d) centre of paper

13. Working/ drawing space on the paper is determined by

a) working line                                            b) drawing line 

c) border line                                               d) deader line

14. The edge of the board on which T-square is made to slide is


a) working edge                                         b) drawing line

c) border line                                               d) deader line

15. To prevent warping of the board………are cleated at its back.

a) packing                                                     b) wooden block 

c) batten                                                       d) none of the above

16. The two parts of T-square are……. and

a) vertical and horizontal edge

b) straight and slant edge 

c) stock and blade

d) blade and batten

17. Angles in multiples of 15° are constructed by the combined use of

a) T-square and set-square  

b) set-square and scale

c) scale and french curve

d) french curve and erasing shield  

18. To draw or measure angles……….. is used.

a) set-square                                   b) T-square

c) protractor                                    d) all of the above

19. For drawing large-size circles…….. is attached to the compass (>150mm).

a) straight bar                                             b) bow compass    

c) lengthening bar                          d) divider

20. Circles of small radii are drawn by means of a

a) straight bar                                             b) bow compass

c) lengthening bar                          d) drop compass 

21. The scale should never be used as a…….. for drawing straight lines.

a) set-square                                              b) working edge

c) straight edge                                           d) none of the above

22. Measurements from scale to the drawing are transferred with the aid of 

a) scale                                                          b) compass

c) divider                                                      d) plumbing fork

23………… used for setting of short equal distances. 

a) compass                                       b) bow divider

c) scale                                                          d) lengthening bar

24. In drafting machine, which one does not follow

a) levelling machine                                   b) T-square

c) set square                                                d) divider

25. Which one is not drafting equipment?

a) drafter                                                      b) dust cloth 

c) scale                                                          d) none of the above

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