Civil engineer objective questions – Design of Concrete Structure (Section-4)

76. A T-shaped retaining wall mainly consists of

a) One cantilever

b) Two cantilever

c) Three cantilevers

d) Four cantilevers

77. To minimize the effect of differential settlement, the area of a footing should be designed for

a) Dead load only

b) Dead load + live load

c) Dead load + fraction of live load

d) Live load + Fraction of dead load

78. In a pile of length/ the points suspension from ends for lifting it are located at

a) 0.207 1

b) 0.25/

c) 0.293/

d) 0.333 /

79. While designing the pile as a column, the end condition are nearly

a) Both ends hinged

b) Both ends fixed

c) One end fixed and other end hinged

d) One end fixed and other end free

80. The critical section for finding maximum bending moment for footing under masonry wall is located

a) At the middle of the wall

 b) At the edge of the wall

c) Halfway between the middle and edge of the wall

d) At a distance to effective depth of footing from the edge of the wall

81. During erection, the pile of length/ is supported by a crane at a distance of

a) 0.207 /

b) 0 0.293 /

c) 0.7071

d) 0.793 /

From the driving end of pile which rests on the ground

82. According to ISI recommendations, the maximum depth of stress block for balanced section of a beam of effective depth d is

a) 0.43 d

b) 0.55 d

c) 0.68 d

d) 0.85 d

83. The centroid of compressive force, from the extreme compression fiber, in limit state design lies at a distance of

a) 0.367 xu

b) 0.416 xu

c) 0.445 xu

d) 0.573 xu

84. The load factors for live load and dead load are taken respectively as

a) 1.5 and 2.2

b) 2.2 and 1.5

c) 1.5 and 1.5

d) 2.2 and 2.2

85. According to whitney’s theory, ultimate strain of concrete is assumed to be

a) 0.03%

b) 0.1%

c) 0.3%

d) 3%

86. The design yield stress of steel according to IS:456-1978 is

a) 0.37 fy

b) 0.57 fy

c) 0.67 fy

d) 0.87 fy

Where fy is the characteristic yield strength of steel

87. According to whitney’s theory, depth  of stress block for a balanced section of a concrete beam is limited to

a) 0.43 d

b) 0.537 d

c) 0.68 d

d) 0.85 d

88. Due to shrinkage stresses, a simply supported beam having reinforcement only at bottom tends to

a) Deflect downward

b) Deflect upward

c) Deflect downward of upward

d) None of the above

89. A beam curved in plain is design for

a) Bending moment and shear

b) Bending moment and torsion

c) shear and torsion

d) Bending moment, shear and tension

90. In a spherical done the hoop stress due to a concentrated load at crown is

a) Compressive everywhere

b) Tensile everywhere

c) Partly compressive and partly tensile

d) Zero

91. Normally prestressing wires are arranged in the

a) Upper part of the beam

b) Lower part of the beam

c) Centre

d) Anywhere

92. Which of the following losses of prestress occurs only in pretensioning and not in post-tensioning?

a) Elastic shortening of concrete

b) Shrinkage of concrete

c) Creep of concrete

d) Loss due to friction

93. Which of the following has high tensile strength?

a) Plain hot rolled wires

b) Cold drawn wires

c) Heat treated rolled wires

d) All have same tensile strength

94. Cube strength of controlled concrete to be used for pretensioned and post-tensioned work respectively should not be less than

a) 35 MPa and 42 MPa

b) 42 MPa and 35 MPa

c) 42 MPa and 53 MPa

d) 53 MPa and 42 MPa

95. Ultimate strength of cold drawn high steel wires

a) Increase with increase in diameter of bar

b) Decreases with increase in diameter of bar

c) Does not depend on diameter of bar

d) None of the above

96. High carbon content in the steel causes

a) Decrease in tensile strength but increase in ductility

b) Increase in tensile strength but decrease in ductility

c) Decrease in both tensile strength and ductility

d) Increase in both tensile strength and ductility

97. Prestress loss due to friction occurs

a) Only in post-tensioned beams

b) Only in pretensioned beams

c) In both post-tensioned and preten-sioned beams

d) None of the above

98. Most common method of prestressing used for factory production is

a) Long line method

b) Freyssinet system

c) Magnel-blaton system

d) Lee-macall system

99. The purpose of reinforcement in prestressed concrete is

a) To provide adequate bond stress

b) To resist tensile stresses

c) To impart initial compressive stress in concrete

d) All of the above

100. The maximum value of hoop compression in a dome is given by

a) wR/4d

b) wR/2d

c) wR/d

d) 2wR/d

Where, w = load per unit area of surface of dome R = radius of curveted d = thickness of dome

101. In a spherical dome subjected to concentrated load at crown or uniformly distributed load, the meridional force is always

a) Zero

b) Tensile

c) Compressive

d) Tensile or compressive

102. In symmetrically reinforced sections, shrinkage stresses in concrete and steel are respectively

a) Compressive and tensile

b) Tensile and compressive

 c) Both compressive

d) Both tensile

103. The effect of creep on modular ratio is

a) To decrease it

b) To increase it

c) Either to decrease or to increase it

d) To keep it unchanged

104. The recommended value of modular ratio for reinforced brick work is

a) 18

b) 30

c) 40

d) 58

105. In T-shaped R.C. Retaining wall, the main reinforcement in the stem is provided on

a) The front face in one direction

b) The front face in both directions

c) The inner face in one direction

d) The inner face in both directions

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