Civil engineer objective questions – Concrete Technology (Section-9)

201. While designing an air entrained concrete

a ) water cement ratio is reduced

b ) proportion of aggregates is reduced

c ) an allowance for the entrained air is made

d ) strength of the concretes , is reduced

e ) all of the above

202. An ideal ware house , is provided

a ) water proof masonry walls

b ) water proof roof

c ) few windows which remain generally

d ) 15cm thick concrete floor laid on a dry course of soling

e ) all of the above

203. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following :

a ) space between the exterior walls of a ware house and bag piles should be 30 cm

b ) cement bags should preferably be piled on wooden planks

c ) cement bags should be placed such that bags of one layer does not touch the bags of the adjacent layer

d ) width and height of the pile should not exceed 3 m and 2.70 m respectively

e ) none of the above

204. The specification of a cement bag for storage , are

a ) weight 50 kg

b ) height 18 cm

c ) plan area 3000

d) volume 35 litres

e ) all of the above

205. Ware house pack of cement means

a ) full capacity of ware house

b ) pressure exertion of the bags of upper layers

c ) pressure compaction of bags on lower layers

d ) packing the ware house

206 . Ware house set cement is

a ) cement which absorbs moisture in ware house

b ) cement which sets due to being adjacent wall

c ) cement which gets compressed due to load of several bags of cement above it

d ) there is no such setting

207. If the effective plan area of a warehouse is 54sq.m , and maximum height of piles permitted is 270cm , the number of cement bags to be stored , is

a ) 2000 bags

b ) 2200 bags

c ) 2400 bags

d ) 2700 bags

208. The internal dimensions of a ware house are 15m x 5.6m, and the maximum height of piles is 2.70 m. The maximum number of bags to be stored in two piles, are

a ) 1500 bags

b ) 2000 bags

c ) 2500 bags

d ) 3000 bags

209. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following :

a ) with passage of time , the strength of cement increases

b ) with passage of time , the strength of cement decreases

c ) after a period of 24 months , the strength of cement reduces to 50 %

d ) The concrete made with storage deteriorated cement , gains strength with time

210. To ensure constant moisture content in aggregates

a ) area of each aggregate pile shoul be large

b ) height of each aggregate pile should not exceed 1.50 m

c ) aggregate pile should be left for 24 hours before aggregates are used

d ) conical heaps of aggregates should be avoided to prevent moisture vibration e ) all of the above

211. An aggregate which passes through 25mm IS sieve and is retained on 20mm sieve , is said to be flaky if its least dimension is less than

a ) 13.5 mm

b ) 18.5 mm

c ) 16.5 mm

d ) 15.5 mm

212. Workability of concrete for a given water content is good if aggregates used , are

a ) rounded aggregate

b ) irregular aggregate

c ) angular aggregate

d ) flaky aggregate

213. An excess of flaky particles in concrete aggregates

a ) decrease the workability

b ) increase the quantity of water and sand

c ) affects the durability of concrete

d ) more than 15 % are not desirable

e ) all of the above

214. Grading of sand causes great variation in

a ) workability of concrete

b ) strength of concrete

c ) durability of concrete

d ) handling and placing

e ) all of the above

215. The durability of concrete is due to its resistance to

a ) deterioration from environmental condition

b ) internal disruptive forces

c ) chemical crack

d ) all of the above

216. The inelastic behavior of concrete is due to the

a ) shrinkage in concrete

b ) propagation of bond and mortar cracks

c ) presence of macro and micro cracks

d ) all of the above

217. The modulus of elasticity of concrete improves with

a) age

b ) high water cement ratio

c) shorter curing periods

d ) better compaction

218. Which of the following does not react with concrete ?

a ) sewage water

b ) sulphuric acid

c ) vegetable oil

d ) alcohol

219. The presence of algae in concrete

a ) reduces its strength

b ) reduces its bond

c ) causes a large entrainment of air

d ) all of the above

220. Quality control means

a ) extra cost

b ) a rational use of available resources

c ) adequate design to minimize cost

d ) all of the above

221. The cube strength of concrete exceeds the cylinder strength by ( in percent )

a ) 10 to 50

b ) 10 to 15

d ) 20 to 25

c ) 15 to 20

222. For cylindrical specimens , the dimension of cylinder generally used

a ) D = 15 cm , H = 30 cm

b ) D = 30 cm , H = 30 cm

c ) D = 15 cm , H = 15 cm

d ) D = 30 cm , H = 15 cm

223. For cylindrical specimens , minimum strength required should be

a ) 0.20 times the strength of 15 cm cubes

b ) 0.40 times the strength of 15 cm cubes

c ) 0.60 times the strength of 15 cm cubes

d ) 0.80 times the strength of 15 cm cubes

224. The surface area of standard cube used for finding compressive strength of concrete is

a ) 225 cm²

b ) 22500 mm²

c ) 0.0225 m²

d ) all of the above

225. During application of load on cylindrical specimen the failure plane makes an angle of ……… with the horizontal .

a ) 30⁰

b ) 45⁰

c ) 60⁰

d ) 75⁰

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