Cheap way to level concrete floor – New or Old

It is very essential step to construct a smooth and flat surface for a variety of uses. The concrete floor must be level if you want to lay tiles, install new flooring, or simply improve the appearance of your room.

Here I will show you step-by-step procedures for a Cheap way to level concrete floor. Just you have to follow all the information and direction given below to complete all tasks successfully.

Why Leveling Concrete Floors is Important?

  1. A Levelled concrete floor has many advantages.
  2. It provides a stable base for any type of flooring and prevents the flooring from rapid wear and tear.
  3. It removes tripping hazards and improves the aesthetic of the area, and makes it simpler to arrange furniture.
  4. It transfers load below soil evenly and prevents long-term structural harm to the building.

Tools and Materials Needed for Leveling a Concrete Floor

Cheap way to level concrete floor - Tricks

Before you begin leveling the concrete floor, gather the necessary tools and materials. These typically include a broom, vacuum cleaner, crack filler, patching compound, trowel, self-leveling compound, mixing paddle, primer, notched trowel, and a straightedge.

Having these items on hand will make the process more efficient and ensure a satisfactory outcome.

First of all, prepare all of the required tools and materials together before leveling the concrete floor it will make our work fast and efficient. Here is the list of tools and materials.

  1. Broom
  2. Vacuum cleaner
  3. Patching compound
  4. Self-leveling compound
  5. Trowel
  6. Mixing paddle
  7. Primer
  8. Notched trowel and a
  9. Straightedge

Steps for Cheap way to level concrete floor

1) Preparing the Concrete Floor

Before any activity, the concrete floor should be properly prepared.  There are three important procedures to prepare the concrete floor for leveling.

They are cleaning the surface, patching holes and cracks, and filling low areas and depressions. Let us describe them one by one in brief.

2) Cleaning the Surface

First of all, scrub the concrete floor surface thoroughly. It will help to remove dust and other unwanted organic materials. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove smaller dust and particles.

You can use light detergent and a brush to clean the surface. Make sure the concrete surface should be completely clean and dry. Ok, our first steps have been completed.

3) Repairing Cracks and Holes

Now, check whether there are holes or cracks in the concrete floor. Level the surface of the concrete floor with the help of a trowel by applying the crack filler.

Apply a patching compound on the larger cracks or holes on the concrete surface and let them dry completely.

4) Filling Low Spots and Depressions

Cheap way to level concrete floor - Tricks

Firstly we have to find out any lower areas or depressions like cracks and ditches in the concrete floor.

For creating an even surface the cracks and ditches can be filled by using self-leveling substances. We should make sure that the leveling compound is applied as per the manufacturer’s instructions for mixing and applying.

5) Choosing the Right Self-Leveling Compound

Among the self-leveling compounds choosing an appropriate self-leveling compound for leveling a concrete floor is quite difficult. If we understand its specific properties widely, we can make an informed decision.

6) Understanding Self-Leveling Compounds

Among the self-leveling compounds choosing an appropriate self-leveling compound for leveling a concrete floor is quite difficult. If we understand its specific properties widely, we can make an informed decision.

7) Types of Self-Leveling Compounds

Self-leveling chemicals are found in different varieties, and each of the varieties is created for different uses.

Some of them are appropriate for handling thinner while some of them are for thicker ones. There are also some substances that are made to be applied over more moisture defense or over radiant heating systems.

For selecting the best self-leveling compound for our particular needs we should focus on our project requirements and we can also take professionals advice if it is needed.

8) Applying the Self-Leveling Compound

The self-leveling compound must be applied appropriately for getting a level concrete floor. The procedure for applying a self-leveling compound will be guided here, it also includes priming and mixing, pouring and spreading the compound, and leveling and smoothing the surface.

9) Mixing and Priming

The mixture of self-leveling compounds is done by following the directions of the manufacturer. We should use a mixing paddle and an appropriate container for a steady and lump-free mixture.

A concrete floor should be cleaned and prepared and then primer should be applied before pouring the leveling compound. The self-leveling compound sticks better and makes the bond stronger overall with the aid of the primer.

10) Pouring and Spreading the Compound

The self-leveling compound that has been mixed should be primed over the concrete floor. Working in smaller parts guarantees controlled dispersion.

A notched trowel should be used to spread the compound uniformly and according to the appropriate thickness. We should be aware that the corners and edges are appropriately covered.

11) Smoothing and Leveling the Surface

Cheap way to level concrete floor - Tricks

The surface should be leveled using a straightedge after applying the leveling compound.

For producing a flat surface and removing the irregularities, saw the straightedge back and front repeatedly and it should be continued until the floor is completely leveled.

We should also avoid the overworking of the compound in order to avoid creating an uneven surface.

12) Curing and Drying Time

We should follow the instruction of the manufacturer to let the self-leveling compound cure and dry properly.

It requires several hours or a day for curing and drying, it depends upon a particular substance. For good bond and drying, we need to avoid walking or putting any weight on the floor during this time.

13) Finishing Touches

Cheap way to level concrete floor - Tricks

Once the self-leveling compound is fully cured and dried we can move forward with the required flooring installation or any other finishing final touch. We should adhere to the flooring direction of the manufacturer for optimal results.

14) Maintenance and Long-Term Care

To keep the concrete floor level and structurally safe, regular maintenance is very necessary. Sweeping or vacuuming the floor should be done regularly to get rid of dirt and debris, so it can be kept clean.

Scratches or damage could occur if heavy objects are dragged across the surface. Any blemishes or cracks that develop over a certain time should be fixed right away to avoid other problems.

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Conclusion on Cheap way to level concrete floor

Concrete floor leveling is not an expensive project. We can efficiently and affordably make a level surface through the procedure described in the above article.

For the best results, we should always remember to prioritize proper preparation, select the suitable self-leveling compound product, and follow the manufacturer’s direction.

As it’s an advantage, we get enhanced aesthetics, more durability, and ease of maintenance with a level concrete floor.

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