Beam vs Girder | Different between Beam and Girder and their Application

Beam and Girder look the same but the girder has to beam a heavier load than the beam. The beam is generally constructed to beam distributed load whereas girders are constructed to bear heavy point load from the group of the beam. Here I have to give beam vs girder which will make you clear about them.

We have to place the column below the end support of the beam which may increase the cost of the structure but if we want to replace all the support with another beam like given below then we can call it a girder.

Beam vs Girder | Different between Beam and Girder and their Application

Beam vs Girder

1Beam are horizontal members and one of the most commonly designed elements of structure.Girder supports smaller beams and acts as the main horizontal supports of a structure.
2It is topically intended to carry distributed loads such as parallel wall or tributary areas of the floor and roof system.It is designed to support major concentrated loads such as columns or beams reactions.
3It is mainly used for residential projects like building, and tall standing structure.It is mainly used for commercial structures such as flyovers and bridges.
4Beams are mainly classified as simply supported, fixed and cantilever beams..I beam girders are the most common types of girders used in bridge construction.
5All beams are not necessarily girders.All girders are called beams.
6Fabricating a beam does not require considering additional requirements.Fabricating a girder requires considering essential factors such as erection, stability, plate sizing, etc.
7Beam resist the load through flexure i.e. Bending and shear and ideally no axial tension or compression.Girder is a horizontal member and resists the load through flexure i.e. bending and shear and ideally no axial tension or compression similar to beam in action.
8It is generally used to carry loads from slabs and transfer these loads to the girders or through column directly.It is used to carry load from other beams to the column.
9Generally Beams  generally  shorter span ans cross section area.Girders have longer spans and cross-sections area can be very large.
10Load coming on beam are generally statics in nature.Loads coming on it are generally dynamics like rolling loads and moving loads.
Beam vs Girder | Different between Beam and Girder and their Application

I hope this article on “Beam vs Girder | Different between Beam and Girder and their Application” remains helpful for you.

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