BCR (Building Coverage Ratio) Calculator

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BCR (Building Coverage Ratio) Calculator


How to calculate Building Coverage Ratio?

BCR is the ratio of total plot to the total area coverd by the building.

Let us assume you have a plot of 400 Square meter. And our building covers 220 Square meter of land to be constructed.

Then, The Formula for Building Coverage Ratio (BCR) will be,

BCR = ( Building Coverage Area/Total Area of Plot) x 100%

i.e BCR = (400/220) x 100% = 55%

Generally, BCR is calculated in percentage. According to different building law of the country. BCR may be different for different types of building. Generally adopted BCR are given below.

  • Residential building should not have more than 70% BCR.
  • Commercial building should not have more than 60% BCR
  • Industrial building should not have more than 55% BCR

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