Advantages of road transport | Disadvantages of Road Transport

There are many advantages of road transport as well as the disadvantages of Road Transport. But in spite of some disadvantages, it is the most reliable means of transportation.

 Transportation system may be defined as a system containing FIXED FACILITIES, FLOW ENTITY & CONTROL system that permit People and goods to overcome the friction of geographical space efficiently in order to participate in a timely manner in some desired activity.

advantages of road transport

The advantages of road transport are given below:-

Wide geographical coverage:-

Road transport covers a large area and can penetrate the interior of any region to connect remote villages even with mountainous and hilly topography. All other primary modes of transport in such a region becomes uneconomical or technically unfeasible.

Large influential area:- 

No other mode of transportation may have an influential area as large as road transport. Business promotion and development of the other activities along the road corridor is directly reflected in the life of the micro-population.

Development of another mode of transportation like railway benefit only the local area around the station, air transportation only in the vicinity of the airport and waterway near the harbor.

Low capital investment:- 

Compare to other modes of transportation, Road transport can be developed with comparatively low capital investment. In addition, stage construction is feasible which makes road transport most suitable in the country.

The door to Door services:- 

Road transport is the only mode of transport which can offer door to door services. In addition, another mode of transportation can be used in conjunction with Road transport.


Road transport offers the most flexible service free from fixed schedule, routes e.t.c. The no. of vehicles also may be increased or decreased easily in the case of Road transport.

Quick and assured deliveries:- 

Road Transport offers quick and assured deliveries. Articles like milk, meat, vegetables, fish, and other easily perishable items are transported only by road. Railway, waterway involves too many handling, loading, and storage of materials.

Highest employment potential:- 

Unlike another mode of transportation, Road transport has high employment potential during and even after construction.

Low cost of packing:- 

Road transport involves very few handling processes. This does not require specific packing work involving high cost.

Personalize travel and services:- 

Road transport is the only mode of transport that can serve the individual as per his specific desire. The user has the freedom to select transport services ( Public or Private in accordance with desire and requirement).


Road Transport I the only economical means of travel for short-haul. i.e. local travel is economical with road transport only.


Road accident has a less disastrous effect than the that of railway or airway. Cost due to road accident I very much nominal compared to the cost of an accident due to another mode.

The disadvantages of road transport are given below:-

Land coverage:- 

Road transport occupies more land. It destroys agriculture as well as natural terrain.

Environmental pollution:- 

Compared to another mode of transportation, Road transport has been one of the major causes of environmental pollution. Noise, fumes, vibration, loss of aesthetic, ribbon development are some of the effects of road transport.


One of the serious disadvantages of road transport is its poor record of safety.


Road Transport is not economical for long haulage.

Energy Consumption:- 

Road Transport consumes a large chunk of fuel that should be imported in case of our country.


Parking has been a great challenge for road transport especially in the metropolitan.

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