927 Square feet – 26×35 feet home plan

927 Square feet - 26x35 feet home plan
927 Square feet - 26x35 feet home plan

927 Square feet – 26×35 feet home plan

1) Description of Plot/Land

1.Total Area of Land173 Square meter
1861.5 Square Feet
2.Width of Land 36.5 feet / 11.1 meter
3.Length of Land 51  feet / 15.5 meter
4.Width of House26.5 feet / 8 meter
5.Length of House35  feet  / 10.6 meter
6.Types of HouseResidential

2) Description of Room

2.Bed Room -A11.5 x 13 Feet
3.Bed Room -B12.5 x 13 Feet
4.Kitchen / Dining14 x 10 Feet
5.Hall14 x 10 Feet
6.Toilet / Bathroom7 x 5 Feet
7.Staircase9 x 8 Feet
8.Porch16 x 5.5 Feet
9.Passage0 Feet
10.Store-room0 Feet
11.Car/Bike Parking0 Feet
12.Ventilation Shaft0 Feet

3) Set Back

1.Right5 feet, 1.5 meter
2.Left0 feet, 0meter
3.Front8 feet, 2.4 meter
4.Back5 feet, 1.5 meter

4) Structure

1.No. of Column 14 No.
2.Grade of Concrete< M20
3.RebarFe 500
4.Beam Provided for EstimationBase Beam, Plinth Beam, Slab Beam

26×35 feet home plan – 2D Drawing

927 Square feet - 26x35 feet home plan

The above house plan of “927 Square feet – 26×35 feet home plan” contains two-bed room, 1 kitchen and a living room. All the dimensions of the rooms are given above. Here I have attached feet .PDF file of the house plan with all dimensions which are completely free to download above.

The structural details of the plan are also given above for general information. If you are trying to construct a building for more than 2 storeys then you can contact me for modification and analysis of the building.

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