What are the factors that are to be considered for the preparation of a detailed estimate?

1.Quantity of materials

For large works, a large quantity of materials is required; the same can be purchased at a cheaper rate than the rate of a smaller quantity of materials. So, the rate should be framed according to the volume of the work.

2.Availability of materials

The estimated cost of work will be higher if the materials required are not available as and when required; the workers and the supervisory staff will remain idle due to this. It will also affect the progress of the work.

3.Transportation of materials

The cost of transportation of a smaller quantity of materials will be more in comparison with the cost of transportation of a large number of materials bought at a time.

4.Location of site

If the site of work is located at an odd place, for which frequent loading, unloading is necessary several times, due to different modes of transport, damage or loss of materials should be considered carefully.

5. Availability of labour

Daily wages of local labourers should be considered before the preparation of an estimate. As far as possible, locally available labour should be engaged.

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