Sell Notes

Seller option added on this website on 2021/11/1 AD

How it Works?

Upload Notes like your Old Notes PDF, Project, Objective Question Collection etc.

Our system reviews and approves uploaded Notes for quality.

10000+ Civil Engineering Students search and get your document.

You earn up to ₹ 1000 every time a student get your Notes.

Frequently Asked Question

Follow the steps below,

1) Register as seller

2) Go to my account

3) Visit vendor’s dashboard

4) Enter Products menu

5) Upload product images, Title, categories and Description.

6) Save it

7) Upload your Notes in PDF form

8) Send to review

9) Your article will be shown on website once approved

You can withdraw money directly to your bank account if you are in India and Nepal and through stripe in others.


  1. Notes sold fund can be withdrawn from vendor’s dashboard.
  2. Wallet fund can be withdrawn from withdraw wallet fund.

It depends upon content for civil engineers. Minimum price should be ₹10 and Maximum ₹1000.

You get ₹25 for register as seller and ₹1 (may varies) for each day you visit website.

Of course, you can buy e-book or withdraw your Wallet fund to your bank account.

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