Hello, friends here I have given you Top 50 Building Construction and Materials question and answer for government job asked in civil engineers.

The materials which are used for the construction of Building are known as building materials.


There are different types of building materials used to construct like cement, sand, aggregate, etc. Some materials are used for decorative purposes like glass, tiles, marble, etc. Some materials are in liquid form they are paints, bitumen, white cement oil, etc.

Building materials like cement, sand, and aggregate are considered as the main building materials among all of the construction materials. Because these materials are used to construct a frame to stand a structure. We can say the backbone of building or structure. So, these materials are must be in proportion and designed before construction of structure or building for safe and sustainable results.

So, in preparation for a government job as a civil engineer you have good knowledge of building construction materials because the question from these topics is mostly asked in the entrance for job as well as an interview in a private company.
So, here I have given you top 50 questions with their answer to building construction and materials for job preparation of government.

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most important question answer for civil engineers for government job prepration
Most important question answer for civil engineers for government job preparation
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