Difference between Tie beam and Plinth beam – and their Function

Hey, guys if you are a fresher civil engineer then you must have some confusion about what are tie beam, plinth beam, DPC, floor beam? etc. or what is the difference between Tie beam and Plinth beam?

In this post we will discuss about all of them in detail.

We know that the whole building is divided into two parts. The structure below the ground level is called sub-structure and above the ground level is called superstructure.

Difference between Tie beam and Plinth beam
Sub-Structure and Super Structure

What is plinth beam?

Now, when we start construction o home and started for super-structure by finishing sub- structure at that time we provide a beam called plinth beam i.e. the beam which is at ground level is known as plinth beam.

Function of plinth beam:

It is provided to transfer the load  of brickwork through the column to the soil and other function is it allow the connection between column to column. So that it can bear more latereal as well as vertical load.


What is DPC?

DPC is a damp proof course. As its name and its function is to block the water from the ground towards super-structure which happens due to capillary action. Its thickness is about 4 inchs to 8 inches in residential building.

It is provided after plinth beam after 4-6 bricks work above plinth beam.

It is mixture of cement, sand and water only. We also called it mortar.

What is tie beam ?

The beam is after DPC about 3 to 4 feet from ground level. You have to move upward with brickwork and then again you have to provide a tie beam which is about 7 to 8 feet from the ground level.

Function of tie beam:

It’s function is to transfer the load above door and windows to the column and prevent them from chushing . It also make strong bond between frame of the building.

What is floor beam ?

Now, again after the beam at final stage we provide a beam below slab of the building which are attached with slab is known as floor beam. This is the main beam of the building and provided at the distance at one floor to another floor.

Floor beam is also sometime called Slab beam.

Function of floor beam:

Its function is to transfer load from slab to the beam and beam to the column and finally to the soil.

Difference between tie-beam and plinth beam

S.NPlinth BeamTie Beam
1.It is constructed at ground levelIt is Constructed below slab beam
2.It is thicker (more depth) in sizeIt is thinner (less depth) in size
3.Its main function is to transfer load of brickwork to column.Its main function is to joint all column to make strong frame
4.It is necessary for a small house alsoIt is not necessary for less important houses.

So, I hope guys this articles on “Difference between tie-beam and plinth beam remains helpful for you.

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