Super built up area, built-up area, Plinth area and Plot area for 29′ X 29′ Building

Super built up area is defined as the area of land on which the building has constructed with the addition of the area of land outside of building for one’s physical and relaxing workout like Gym, Playground, swimming pool, parking, meeting hall, etc. Let us discuss all types of the area one by one.

Let us take an example, You have a plot like given below. and you have constructed a house plan which you are watching below.

Super built-up area, built-up area, Plinth area

What is Super built up area ?

The Super built up area is a combination of built-up areas and common proportionate areas like parks, gym, playground, etc. The built-up area and plinth area are the same. if you don’t know what is built-up area then read below one by one so that you will get a clear vision on all types of the area while you start to construct or plan any building structure.

Super built area

Super built up area = Area of building + Parking + Play Ground etc.

What is Plot Area ?

The total area which is surrounded by a boundary line is known as the plot area. This is the total area of land. Simply, you cannot build any structure beyond the boundary line. Yes, that line or boundary included land is known as plot area.

Super built-up area, built-up area, Plinth area

What is Plinth area or Built up area?

The total land we used to construct the building is known as the plinth area or built-up area. It is also called the built-up area of the building. It includes all members of the building like column, wall, beam, etc. Its measurement is taken from the exterior part of the wall. It means the plinth area cover all thickness of wall as well as column.

So, plinth area = Floor area + area of wall

                        =  Carpet area + circulation area + thickness of wall

What is Carpet area ?

This is the area of the building which is available for a working area like, bedroom, bathroom, living room, etc. In this, we don’t include the area of the wall or thickness of the wall.

This is a usable floor area where we can spread a carpet. So, the carpet area is about  10% to 20% less than the plinth area.

Carpet area = Built up area – Area of wall

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What is Setback Area ?

The empty space around the building is known as the setback area. It means the gap area between your boundary line of land and building is called the setback area.

Setback area = Plot area – Built up area

The benefit of providing a setback area is you can provide a window towards the built-up area to get proper air and also it prevents fire from your closest building.

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