Straight Stair – Rise and Tread Designer

Straight Stair Design

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Input All avlue

How to Use Straight Stair Designer Tool?

Step 1 :- Input all the value required above.

(Input includes, Total height, Horizontal distance, and Assumed Riser height)

Step 2 :- Assume the riser height you want to provide for rough. You can assume riser height from 5" to 7".

Step 3 :- Click on Calculate button and finally you will get the designed results you should provide for the straight stair.

By the help of this tool or Calculator you get the dimension of Riser, Tread along with number of riser and tread.

If you are unsatisfied with the result of rise and tread dimension, change the assumed value of ("Height of Riser") to get the appropriate results.

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